Monday, March 2, 2009

Before and during....Saga of the Studio

Ok, so here is a pic of the mancave (pre-digital). It was a really cool room, I must admit. My hubby has great taste! Walls olive green, black trim, and a persimmon ceiling. Very vintage Harley Davidson. The room also had a place to display/hang all of his guitars....he's been kicked out and put into the basement where all the other mancave items hang there is only one mancave. Considering I live with all boys, and tend to like muddy browns for most of my living spaces; I've decided to go GIRLY!!! As you can see by the "piles" I am a creative person....with little to no organizational skills. I can actually funtion in this chaos, but I always seem to feel guilty telling the boys to "Clean up your mess!!!" when I can't seem to clean my own! This is my wake-up call...."CLEAN UP MY MESS!!!" This is the beginning I have everything I need...but time and energy. So stay tuned....I'll be listing my inspirations for the studio in the next post! Cheers!!!


  1. Watch out - this blogging thing is addicting! It also helps keep you accountable when you say you're going to do something - SO LET'S GET GOING GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

  2. You're not gonna come over right now are you???? I'm still wearing my p.j.'s!!! :-0


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