Monday, March 2, 2009

Inspiration During...the Studio Saga continues.

So as you can see in the pics I've begun the process of painting. What a difference!!! My problem is that I don't have a place to go with all the "piles". I'm working my way around the room slowly and carefully. The good news is that I have all the bins and containers for storage down in the basement. I need to organize the stuff and then keep on going. Pray for me...this is not easy! I just keep wanting to create new items for etsy every time I touch my craft supplies!!! I admit that I have Crafters ADHD....really. Who would want to organize when you could be creating??? Well....that's exactly the attitude that's gotten me into this mess! Yikes!!!

I also posted some of my inspiration board visuals for you to see. This is what I do for my serious design clients. I make a board up of ideas...and then we have inspiration to carry on. These are antique and vintage emphemera I've collected over time, and two really great books.

For those of you who love to salvage and live with old things: First is a stack of wool sweaters from "Comfortable Country" by Enrica Stabile (photography by Christopher Blake). This book is so endearing and wonderful to look at in the dead of winter for a breath of spring! The other book is "Creating Vintage Style" by Lucinda Ganderton. This book is for the bohemian collector who enjoys mixing old and new or victorian with mid-century modern. The picture I chose is of a child's room; since I didn't have a little girl...I get to be the princess in the house! I am taking looks from all my childhood rooms to express who I am in the studio. I recommend both of these books for your bookshelf at home. They are both available at
Hope you are having a great day! I'll let you know when I'm getting somewhere with the meantime I feel like I need to post some pictures of "nice" areas in my home....oh I digress!
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Trish :-)

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  1. We have exactly the opposite problem. When I head to my room to create, I end up wanting to reorganize, clean out and purge and label things :-)!! Oh what a team we would make!!!


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