Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lovely little spot to gather my thoughts.

This is one of my favorite spots in our home at the moment. I felt after all my posts of chaos pictures...it might be nice to see that I can achieve harmony in my home if I really put my mind to it!

Nearly every item you see in these pics has been nabbed at an Antique Shop or Auction. All of which have been screaming deals! 1898 Eastern Hemisphere School map =$23.00. Scottish hand carved buffet = $150.00. Sweet little Wicker Desk and chair combined =$100.00. Two Japanese crane paintings on glass =$50.00 pair. I change this look out often with other fun finds from Junk Markets. The hydrangeas come from my garden, and are arranged in a "Stump" planter from PotteryBarn. The two handsome table lamps come from my own store: Grandiflora Home and Garden (see the link in my favorite blog list).

This just goes to show that you need not spend a fortune to decorate your home in style! Hope this inspires you to dig out an old item, go to a junk store, or buy one or two new things to spruce up your old stuff. Any way you look at it....changing things up a little always makes for a fun experience!

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  1. cute stuff girlie! I've really never seen your house - I'd love the nickel tour sometime!! See you on Tues. toots!


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