Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day Laced with Bliss

New items now showing in my Wesley Asher shop on Etsy. I invite you to come check it out!

Had one hour of peace to myself asleep for nap (yes, even the 5 year old! This NEVER happens!!!) Unplugged the phones (Sorry everyone who tried to call!) Sat in COMPLETE SILENCE.....and this is what came of it. I needed to feel peace, serenity, and calm. I needed to take pieces of my past, chop them up, and combine them in a new way. The only noise I heard was my sweet little doggie Olive (Fox Terrier-RCA tilted head Dog) slightly snoring at my feet. It was BLISS. I've needed a few moments like this for a long time! I havn't sewn for quite awhile, and I've forgotten how peaceful it can really hand that is.
Well, enjoy your Spring. Ours is rainy and dreary at the moment...but I hear sunshine is on the way! One can hope.....


  1. Cute stuff babe! Ya - thanks for answering my voicemail! :-) I'm looking for a few peaceful moments too............maybe someday, and I don't even have small children!

  2. Good for you! Very pretty indeed!! hey, i'm an etsy girl too :) my shop is called: chinamommy if you want to see what i do.


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