Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garden is in, let the crafting begin!

O.K. So I haven't posted in awhile....My sincere apologies. You have to understand the nature of the Pacific Northwest weather system to understand why. It has FINALLY been nice weather here for the past week, and much needs to get done out in the yard! As I weeded the flower beds, planted new perennials to replace old crowded ones, transplanted volunteers, and the like. My hubby was working the soil for veggies. My little guys ( Tristan 5, and Elliot 3) were playing some sort of crazy freeze tag with the seeds. They were being so goofy and silly that I had to take (and share) a picture of it. I can't imagine where they get their bizarre ideas from.....
So, I must get through one more seriously hectic week with major Doctor's appts. and crazy out of the ordinary scheduled items....and then, I believe, I can get back to crafting again! I can't wait! My felt is calling for me!!! You think I'm joking don't you....

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  1. The scary part is I know you aren't kidding!! Sometimes we just need that creative outlet!! We need to get a garden in too!


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