Monday, November 30, 2009

Give Hope this Christmas!

Hey all you folks out there! Come in to Grandiflora Home and Garden in Lynden and purchase a pair of Kaleidescope Snowman or Snowflake glasses this Christmas, and spread some hope for the hungry! We are selling these glasses for $2.00 a pair of which $1.00 for every glasses purchased goes to Project Hope Food Bank! These glasses are  super cool, they turn every little twinkling light into either a snowman or a snowflake!!! Really you need to see them to believe them. My boys were so excited when they saw what they could do....I had to get a few extra pairs because they are wearing them out!!! I guarantee you won't have more fun viewing Christmas lights anywhere else! Going to the lighted parade in Lynden on Saturday the 5th? We will be selling them there too! Keep your eyes peeled for us wandering down Front Street and have your $2.00 handy! You won't regret it!!!!

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