Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top o' da mornin' to ya!

Juat thought I'd share a little glimpse of what happened a little while ago at my house....I was not home when the incident occured. I was on a girls' weekend in Seattle shopping. The tree fell at about 5:30 am and my poor husband at home with our two small boys had to deal with the whole thing on his own. What a miracle that it didn't hit the house, fall during the day on a person...especially one of our kids, and it didn't fall into the street on a car etc.... God is good, and so we were spared for the most part. It did however fall on our homes' overhead power line and gave a big power surge killing alot of appliances we are making a claim on our homeowner's insurance (yucky) which has taken more work than I ever imagined it would. But again, it could've been so much worse!!! Now the timber is laying in our flower beds waiting to be dealt with another day. FIREWOOD ANYONE???? YOU HAUL!


  1. okay - you weren't home, but you WERE having fun!!

  2. I wish I could get me some of that there Firewood!


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