Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Granny...Must Things Match?

Lately I've been admiring the British. You know they just "get" it when it comes to decorating. I also admire the Dutch...they are as daring as can be over there in the Netherlands when it comes to home decor and using color. There are many other nations that are prolific in home decorative mis-matchy-ness. Have you ever noticed how it somehow all works?

Recently I found this fun retro Granny Square Afghan, and I just HAD to have it! Let me just say this...I had to choose between an expensive latte and this blankie. I figured I could make a cup of coffee when I got home. After a good washing....and a few loose end's as good as new!

The colors are funky, and the whole thing reminds me a bit of my childhood spent visiting the elderly at our local Christian Rest Home.  I remember singing "How Great Thou Art" in front of a crowd of admiring ol' folks when my best friends' little sister fainted in the front row of the program! It was soooooo HOT in there....but those old gals still had their Granny Squares covering their legs...they looked like a sea of geometrical rainbows with cool whip topping hair! I was always a bit nervous when they reached their arms out to hold my hand...I would think " Who ARE these crazy old folks???" But, after having a little chat with them, I realized they were just lonely for some companionship. 

Now that I have little ones, I am well aware of how much we gravitate to children. After all..."they are precious in His sight". Shouldn't we feel the same way? Maybe all those old people were not only older, but actually wiser!  

So, all this being said...I'm nostalgic, romantic even to assume some sweet little old lady crocheted this Granny Square Afghan and used it in her wheel chair...or better yet, she made it for her husband. The interesting part? I slung this cutie over my hubby's chair, and last night found him curled up in it reading! I just smiled and thought...I hope we end up white haired, sitting together in our wheelchairs, covered with Granny Squares, listening to the little children singing.

Trish :o) 


  1. i'm working on a granny square right now! You should check out attic24's blogspot! She has the most amazing crochet in the most amazing colors (there is a link on my blog). My 100 yr old gram has a granny square blanket that will be mine someday- i LOVE it and am NOT into matchy match decor!!

  2. this post just made my day. Seriously, I am grinning at the screen like an idiot. I love that blanket! x x

  3. When those young ones are singing to you - THEN - you can tell them how you are a soprano and use to belt "How Great Thou Art" to the ol' people back in the day.......:-) Your comment yesterday made me chuckle outloud every time I thought about it!! Thanks!


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