Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color Crush: Grandiflora... Lush Aqua and Plum

My newest color crush is this: Aqua with Pale Plum. I have to admit....there are few places that I could use this color scheme in my own home....but I think that if you were going to redo a bedroom, bath, or home office, this would be sublime and soothing. I guess I needed a bit of soothing right now since I'm finalizing some tax information for my tax appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Recently I had to do some photo shoots for the store ( Grandiflora found at for some advertising campaigns I'm working on....and this was one of the collages that I liked best! What fun things we have in the store right now...such a wide array and selection awaiting some lucky folks to come and discover. But as you know....we are sort of "one-of-a-kind-y" so you can't wait too long....or you'll miss out!
So....if you live in the should probably know that you're welcome any day but Sunday when we head to church and spend time relaxing with our family. I had to add these lovely silk flowers...isn't it amazing what they are capable of making these days???

Well, have a good Friday...and I hope to finish up with these pesky taxes soon so I can focus a bit more time on some more decorative should see my desk....I am thrilled to tell you it is VERY organized...not normal I can assure you! All the piles are filed so nicely in cute little file folders....but don't kid yourself...underneath all that cuteness is just nasty old bills, payment schedules, and bank statements...YUCK! As the old saying goes " nothing is certain in life but death and taxes" I guess I should look at the bright least I'm working on taxes! :)

Toodles, and cherio....I'll be back again soon! :o)

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  1. All taxes done and crossed off my list, popped the store tax return in the mail today, and Randy and I had our meeting Tues - ahhhh! Now - on to better things - my daughter's 15th birthday!!


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