Friday, April 9, 2010

Reader Challenge: Be True to Your Self!

I, Trisha Brink, being of (somewhat) sound mind, have decided to be true to myself. Yes, this is sounding a bit melodramatic....but it's not meant to be. I just mean, I'm going to do what I love while staying within healthy perameters. I'm sure this is not making any sense at all....let me explain.
For instance....I REALLY like color...I always have. Now, don't get me wrong....I do like a good white bathroom or kitchen. I even like a good lodge look when I'm vacationing in the snow. However...I like funky mixes...the kind that most folks don't seem to understand....the kind that makes them scratch their heads and go "Hmmmmm....what was she THINKING???" I often find myself apologizing for this wacky "look" that I generally come up with. I hate that I apologize for this...yes I know that those are strong words....and I may end up regretting writing this when daylight and my senses come back to me!!!  ;)
I like rainbows of color mixed with brown for instance. Recently I've had a little problem collecting all things vintage and retro....especially those items full of COLOR!!! I can't seem to stop! Am I going through some kind of childish phase??? Because these things are all starting to look a whole lot like the stuff I remember from my happy childhood!!!  Am I turning whacko??? I know there have got to be others out there like me ( you may be one of them!) but, I tend to think that in my neck of the Pacific Northwest Woods ( USA ) I am in the vast minority  :(
I must admit; it's a little bit sad not to be understood...but there is a sick little bit of me that is as happy as a clam that I stand alone in a crowd of Pottery Barn Addicts...( seriously....I really do like bits and pieces of Pottery Barn...I just don't like owning the same thing as my next door neighbors....and five other friends).
So, all this being said: I'm going to be true to my decorative self. I'm going to make a commitment to be what I love to be. I'm NOT going to color in the lines. I'm NOT going to do something just because that's what others think would look best. I AM going to do whatever my heart desires, I don't care if it breaks all the rules. God did not put me on this earth to be a follower of others. I am here to follow Him and define myself while doing so. No one else. Just  me.

What would that mean for you? What are you decoratively (or any otherwise) trying to achieve that others have set out before you? Is it bogus? Are you trying to keep up with the Jones'? Can you really afford to? No....I don't just mean financially....I mean can you afford to cut off all your natural creativity just to settle for what everyone else has? Now, I know that you aren't all "decorators" out there....and you may not even consider yourself creative in any way. You are however, made to define yourself. MY area of expertise is decoration, what's YOURS? Are you selling out and getting lazy? Or are you challenging yourself to come up with a better plan for your life? What is your passion? Are you living it out daily? Are you using those gifts for God?

I'd like you to ponder this for a moment...give me/us a shout out here in the comments....remember leaders of their own future leave comments to inspire others to search deeper.....inspire others to inspire others....and so on...and so on....

I know these are tough thoughts for a weekend....and I don't expect you to share your deepest darkest secrets...but do shed some light on this subject if you can....or ask further questions if you must...just really soak in it until your fingers get all pruny...until you have that epiphany. I'll be right here waiting for your feedback.

Trish :o)


  1. I love color too. And retro goodies. My house definitely does not look like my friends' houses, but it makes me happy (although sad for them.)

  2. Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!! Thanks!!!! :o)

  3. So I am a little behind on discovering your blog...but this post caught my attention!!

    I have ALWAYS loved color! Always... I can remember many bright and out of the ordinary things that I'd wear through middle school and high school that made people wonder... but I didn't care what they thought. Once I got married I felt like I needed to decorate a certain way (neighbors way) and found myself "liking" the more neutral tones such as browns, creams, light blue etc. I "wanted" every room to match and look like a catalog. I figured it was more "mature" that way. When trying to decorate... I kept finding myself loving pieces that were bright and fun but would turn myself down because I thought it would be childish. One day I realized that COLOR does not mean Childish! God gave us color and depending on how we use it... it can be tastefully displayed! Tastefully as in... your own taste, what makes you happy...whether it be all colors of the rainbow or a mixture of brights and browns... not what your neighbors think it should be. I have stopped asking friends for their opinions on decorating (unless they are like me)and I have stopped comparing my sense of style to others... and started bringing more and more color to my home. I want my home to not only be a safe haven... but I want it to be fun and relaxing. I want it to be interesting and happy. You don't have to be a child to want a colorful home. I think those are the best kinds... easy going, not up tight.

    Your words have inspired me to continue with color and not to let the world hinder that. I am who I am... and I am hear on this earth to use my God-given talents develop myself and to please him, not anyone else!

    Thanks for your precious post! I LOVE your color! :)

  4. Amie, You are so right!!! I am also happy to say WELCOME!!! ;) It is awesome to have you here, and I hope you come back again sometime soon. I LOVED getting your feedback on this post. It is so wonderful to have such great blog "friends" out there...and I'm thrilled this last post inspired you to continue on with the color. Blessings to you my new friend...and may we all be blessed by your lovely presence again. Cheers! Trish :)


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