Friday, May 28, 2010

Grandiflora Summer 2010

Well, it's almost here!!! Summer!!! It doesn't feel like it to me at the moment as it is pouring down rain, but I know it's coming. We have been busy over at the store ( Grandiflora ) lately gearing up for the summer season. Have you gotten your Summer stuff out and ready? It's so nice to be prepared for when the sun does finally come out on the weekend and you feel like grillin' ! We have some of the cutest summer accessories....I need to remember to grab some before they are all gone.

I hope you can enjoy this Memorial Day weekend...we Americans don't take too many days off....which is really I hope you can truly unplug this weekend and relax; rain or shine. It would be even a bit more fun if you could find some fun brightly colored Summer stuff to inspire and get you in the mood!!!

Happy LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Weekend!!! :o)

P.S. For all of my foreign friends I hope you can enjoy a lovely weekend as well, filled with late Spring inspirations and joy!!!

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