Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvesting Opinions: Please Add Yours.

Hello all you lovelies; hoping you are having a wonderful Monday! Was your weekend grand? I had a good one myself; took the kiddos to a matinee movie ( this is huge, we don't go to theatres, this is only the second movie in a theatre for my boys!) My hubby went in and got our new free cell phones...pretty I can see when you're commenting here wherever I that good? And....d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.....that's supposed to be a drumroll in case you hadn't guessed.....I took more photos!!!!  Outside!!!!!  Of lovely things!!!!! Just for you!!!!   :o) !!!!! Tee hee hee.

While said Hubby was away with said kiddos...I snuck out into the wilderness I like to call...."the back yard". I mostly played...and planned...and photographed. What fun it all was! An afternoon filled with birds singing and breezes blowing; sun shining and bees buzzing. was delightful!

You know what I figured?  He loves me....yep; He does. Oh, are you thinking I'm talking about my hubby for taking the kids so I can have a creative moments peace? Well, yes...he loves me too! :o) I was actually thinking of Him, the one who makes all things grow...the Creator. I've always believed "The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon, the Song of the Birds for Mirth. One is nearer God's Heart in the Garden, than Anywhere Else on Earth." Amen?

So, I figured it was time to party in my garden....that's why I decorated.

I hung up adorable bunting with fresh picked apple spice scented roses.

I did a bit more gardening just to tidy up a bit...

And then I hung up some party lanterns to boot! I just love paper party lanterns...don't you ?

Well was all so very lovely. I'm sad you had to miss it. But I hope you'll accept this bouquet of lovely roses in honour of the lovely garden party....I wish you had been there...and more than that, I hope you'll go out and have your own little creative soiree soon!

Oh yes, one last thing. I am consistantly being encouraged by folks to start producing some of these photos to sell. What do you think about that? I'm asking for honest opinions here....any words of advice? I'd love to know which ( if any ) you'd like to see for sale on the front of a card...small art print....or wall tile? I look forward to hearing your opinions on the matter. I also encourage constructive criticism....I always want to improve!  :o)

Thanks all!
Cheers, and thanks for your time!!!
Trish :o)


  1. I love the idea of making cards from your photo's! The paper lanterns and the doily garland are charming! They both have that soft faded nostalgic appeal. I say go for it!! :)

  2. Did you have a party without me after you spruced it all up so cute?!?!?! Randy and I made a "plant and flower run" and I actually got 2 pot of flowers planted!! It's a treat to actually have time to do the little things these days!! Love your colors, your creativity.................and you!

  3. Hello hello sweet Trisha!!! So happy you found your way into my blog too *+*+***
    It´s amazing here at yours and the pictures....stunning...can´t choose witch ones to put on postcards - want them all!!! But the first one is fabulous - and the one with the garland I looove!!!
    Yes I will surely have loads of creative soirees in my garden to :) The ideas stands in a row here waiting for me to have the time, now I´m on my way again...

    Loads of love, and I´ll be back soooon - putting you on my blog-list *+'+***


  4. Hola Trisha:
    your blog is so so lovely!!!
    I have taken some photos from your blog I have published and them in mine:


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