Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo Hunting at the Best Gift Shop In My Heart: Grandiflora!

O.K. I'll admit it.
I have a weenie, old, sadly low megapixel camera...
BUT, I know how to USE it!
I have turned into a photo hunter. Shooting my way through just about every opportunity I can.
You can even see me wielding my new phone shooting things, people, and dare I even say it...
Yikes! Have I really slipped over to the wierdo side of the blogosphere???
I keep telling myself that if I'm not posting every plate of food that is served to me (or by me) on Facebook, then it can't be that bad!
....I mean....
Well, today I thought I'd spare you from some of the "savory" picks I had planned on sharing, in favor of some lovely shots I captured yesterday at our shop Grandiflora.
"Our" consists of myself, my mother Jan, and my sister La Von.
( I must also add the enormous crew that we employ to do our bidding!)
We have been busy little bees!
....and it's gonna get busier quick!
Oooooo....don't you just want to race through a parking lot with this load of pumpkins???
Hey, I'm just sayin'

After all....READ QUOTE ABOVE.... life is too short to NOT have fun!
(side note, small sign says: I've been on a few diets, because I can't get enough to eat on just one.)
Bahh haa haa ahaaahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!

O.K. Seriously though....
don't we have some really lovely things in at the moment???
I really like these copper colored birds don't you??
Of course I adore the vintage items we seem to keep amassing too!
I like the funky mix of looks here in this display.
I tell you there is something for everyone!

They even let me bring some of my funky handcrafted stuff there once in awhile!
Yup, that's my "gear flower" hee hee hee. :)

Well, if you like what you've seen here on the blog today, and you've been to our shop, and you think it could possibly be one of the best gift shops in Western Washington:

for Grandiflora Home and Garden
in Lynden, Washington USA
KING 5's
The Best of Western Washington
Best Gift Shop Catagory
There are only a few days left to vote.
At last check we were holding our own in FIRST PLACE!!!
We are thrilled and honored by your great responses, if you've already voted...thanks a bunch. If you haven't yet voted please do so soon to help keep us in first place.
We'd appreciate it SO much.
Update: Voting has now ended. Thanks so much to all of you who've voted for Grandiflora! We appreciate you so much! Now wish us the best as we wait to hear the results...winner to be announced October 25th!

Trish :)


  1. Imagine my wonder when I follow over here from blessed little nest's blog to yours and realize who/where you are!!! I have been into your wonderful store and have purchased MANY of your wonderful things. I live in close by in surreal is this? your store! I just noticed your chairs outside the other day actually, and thought to myself who 'fallish' it looked!!!
    I am off to follow you now! :)

  2. As soon as I heard, I voted! Hope you WiN!


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