Friday, October 15, 2010

Having FUN at the SHOW!

 Hi everyone! I'm pretty busy these days working at our shop Grandiflora.
We actually have a booth at our local
Fall Craft and Antique Show this weekend.
 We had so much fun setting up this 20x20 booth filled to the gills with lots of great goodies and inspiration!
 We are so pleased with how it turned out...apparently others were too as we won the coveted
Best Booth Display
 The show has been GREAT so far, but there is two days left.
Come and check it out if you're local, and don't forget to grab a store coupon in the booth.
Grandiflora is filled to the gills with all sorts of wonderful items too!
Visit the store blog for more info:

This is our cute little helper chica (Becky) doesn't she look adorable in Vintage Dutch Girls' (Amanda Vander Giessen's) headband?
Gotta go...the show starts in an hour!

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  1. Yes! I am so glad to see that you won the best in show! My daughter and I were there yesterday and we did a little purchasing too from your booth. We did the whole circle and as we went by your booth the second time, I said, "their booth is the best by far!" and of course my daughter agreed. It was pure eye candy...I wanted one of everything, although I was a bit partial to the signs with wonderful places all over Lynden...Yay...I am asking for that for a Christmas present!!!


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