Sunday, October 17, 2010

SO Many More Photos From the SHOW!

 Hey Everyone! I don't have alot of time this week for blogging :(
We will be working our tails off over at Grandiflora starting to get Christmas Decor out.
Roughly translated: MAKING A GINORMOUS MESS!!!!!
 SO, I figured I'd better leave you with some more lovely photos of the Grandiflora Booth this past weekend at out local Craft and Antique Show.
 We were very honored to have taken first place in display this Fall.
 If everyone knew just how MUCH time we spent planning and perfecting this booth....they would think we are crazy! BUT, we love it...and we think it shows!
 Does the stuff in this booth ROCK or what?!?!?!
 The big hit of the show this time was the signs that we designed specifically for places around our local community. We have a framer that makes these up for us....but the designs are copyright Grandiflora Home and Garden LLC.
 SO many great things from my sister La Von, floor manager Kim, and other various consignors filled our booth.
Apparently there were actually grown middle aged women bouncing up and down in the booth at one point saying they didn't want to leave!
 I have to admit, it turned out better than I had expected....and it was a shame to rip it all down.
The Good News?
We will bring more of this look into the store SOON....
If you're local and like to shop at our store
give us a little while to get our messes cleaned up.
But once we are done...
and you might just find yourself bouncing up and down in the shop saying:
" I LOVE it ALL! I don't want to leave!!!"


  1. Your booth looked great!
    I'm starting to get worried about trying to fit Joyworks in a 10x10 booth...

  2. Your booth is stunning and lovely, so many beautiful and clever goodies! Your win was well deserved! Too bad I'm on the East Coast, your shop looks wonderful :-)

  3. We LOVE that area up there....and if we get up that way I'll be popping by. You have some yummy things.

    Warm blessings,

  4. Hey thanks SO much everyone! I'd like to take credit for all of it...but must remind you all that my talented Sister La Von and our faithful floor manager Kim had just as much time and creativity invested in this. :)
    Spenser, I look forward to meeting you up here someitime!
    Jen, I wish I could fly you out...but thanks for cheering us on even if it is from far away! :)
    Jana....OH GIRL>>>> Not sure what I can say to help you there! :) I am looking forward to seeing you at the show this weekend! Good luck with set up!

  5. Your booth looked great. Good to see you girls at the ruffles and rust show.


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