Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Back to the Basics...

Is it just me, or is Elliot simply made to look mischevious???

Sir Tristan the Brave....near our homes "mote".

This is a Stick-up!
Well, it has come and gone once again.
 You know...that Candy Holliday we like to call Halloween?
My boys are somewhat sheltered, and don't really know that you're actually supposed to go around knocking on peoples' doors begging for treats....or else!
No, they are more than happy to dress up in whatever fun character we happen to have hanging out in our "dress-up" box. I'm so glad they are "simple" little men!
We head to our church's Tent r' Treat night and load up on candy while playing games like throwing beanie baby animals through holes cut in the side of a plywood Noah's Ark!
I was not allowed to Trick or Treat much as a young child...but I always loved to play dress-up and could've really cared less about getting a sugar high, as much as coming up with the coolest outfit EVER!!!
I LOVE/D to dress up for crazy outfit days!
Don't ask me why, as it really does take an enormous amount of work to come up with something clever!

Nonetheless, dressing up for a night to be someone you'd like to try out for awhile is pretty cool.
Tristan was actually playing "Tristan" as a Knight of the Round Table, and Elliot was the fastest shot in the West!
Thank goodness they didn't want to be something gory; like death warmed over. I have a hard time watching a child dressed like a zombie, covered in blood, or worse.....little girls dressed up like scantily clad bombshells. Am I the only one who feels this way??? Well, I must be old fashioned....but that's ok. I was always taught that older = wiser.
I might like some things new, cutting edge, modern, and even sometimes trendy; but I want to see children dressed up in charming costumes.
Just some Halloween after thoughts for today as I power through this complete exhaustion/cold I'm working with.
I hope you are all well....and I'm working on lots of new things to be showing if I can just get better already and have 28 hours in each day, I may be able to prove it!


  1. I'm with ya, I don't like creepy kids covered in blood! I have 1 (adorable) daughter who never wants to be a Princess...this year she was a pirate, last year a vampire bat- I make sure to add loads of pink and glitter!
    Your boys looked adorable!!

  2. your boys look wonderful! i'm with you on the simple costume idea. i want my kids to have a childhood for as long as i can preserve it.

    hope your feeling better soon. and when you find those 4 extra hours to add into the day will you let me know. i need some of those, too. :)


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