Friday, November 5, 2010

From Blossoms to Harvest: The Cycle of Things

Lovely shot of my plum tree this past Spring.
Amazing how flowers turn to fruit isn't it? Surely a miracle every time!
I was just sorting through some really wonderful photos I shot this past Spring in my garden. I have a lovely Santa Rosa Plum tree on the Southwest corner of my home that blooms profusely every Spring which I captured here. I was just outside today grumbling under my breath about all the leaves filling up my sunken patio....well, I'll have to take that grumbling back. After taking another gander at these sweet pictures of the flowers, and remembering the tangy sweet of the plums this August....well....I'll take the falling leaves and bare branches of Autumn. It only means that we're heading in the right direction; Spring is just around the corner. We wouldn't love it so much if we didn't have to miss it for a little while right? Just remember that when you are complaining about the cold and wet:
Flowers bloom even sweeter when you haven't seen one in awhile!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! It's freezing here in MI and I dread the winter and dream of spring...


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