Monday, November 8, 2010

Audrey Knows Her Pink!

Well, we've been at it again.
 Decorating for Christmas at Grandiflora (our shop).
Now that the bulk of the "everyday" Christmas decor is up (ie: red/green, snowflakes, etc...)
we can get a bit more whimsical with some fun and funky stuff....
these are my absolute favorite looks!!!
Today I'm showing you our sweet "Pink" look filled to the gills with all things girly!
Lollia products from Margot Elena are always a huge hit during the Holidays as gifts for her.
Above you see "Wish" and below you'll see "Imagine" our two best sellers.
Both products are yummy in scent, and luxurious in feel!
The whole look made for a really sweet display in the shop.
Wait till I bring you the "Globular"'s my fave!
To cap it off,
here is a famous quote on a plaque that we sell by Audrey Hepburn.
That woman really knew how to tell it
didn't she???
Whenever I think about crabby people I can't help but think that life must be ugly for them.
 do as Abe Lincoln once said (my favorite quote)
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Be Happy
Be Pretty!
Cheers my dears!
Until next time:
Be Strong
Watch for Miracles.


  1. I love that plaque from Audrey Hepburn!
    What a great find! The shop looks lovely!

  2. Loving all the different looks at the store this year! Just when I think you guys have reached the pinnacle for displaying you go and do it again! Definitely a fun place to come to "work" :-)

  3. I want that plaque... be right over.
    My husband bought me 'wish' and I love it, and him!


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