Friday, November 12, 2010

Peace On Earth!

Hey Everyone!
The Open House at our Shop Grandiflora Home and Garden continues...
We're busy, busy, busy with customers all weekend.
You should've seen the crowds yesterday at our Annual Private Holiday Open House and Anniversary Sale!!!
It was a great success!
Today is the Public open house which will continue on till Saturday.
Sunday will be a much needed day of rest!
Monday will be spent trying to put it all back together again! :)

I thought I'd show you some of the Funkier looks today.
In case you've been hiding in a cave, I thought I should share with you the fact that GLOBES are HOT!
We love the old vintage ones, and are selling them very well.
It's a little funky and different for most folks around these parts...
but I see it catching on really soon!

Well, I'd better get back to work!
Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, I'm sure there are lots of cool venues starting up in your area for the holidays.
Take advantage of it and have some fun!
Today is our Holiday o


  1. Oh I love all of these Christmas posts. I so wish you were a little closer so I could pop over and do some Christmas shopping there. The shop looks great. You've been working hard.


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