Monday, November 29, 2010

Updating the Shops on

 Hey Everyone!!!
Just thought you'd get a kick outta some of the items I've been working on over at
I have 3 shops there and the first one I ever opened was called
I'm in the process of a total re-load of new product as I've sold most of what I've listed....
it's proving to be fairly time consuming....
but I'm loving every minute of it!!!
 I also have a shop called
where I sell mostly fun brightly colored jewelery with a vintage flair
 I also have a shop called
where I sell items heavily inspired by nature, rusticity, and a vintage timeworn feel.
But at Trisha Brink Design on etsy, I usually feature funky woolen and fabric vintage goodness!!!
Like the hot pink velvet pillow you've seen above,
or the funky scarf you're looking at here made from a vintage woolen afghan!
Who would've ever thought?!?!
I love to collect,
and ...
sell my goods
to folks that enjoy them.
 These retro good vintage sheeting pieces are great for crafting up a storm!
I like to sell these in "fat quarters"
( for all you non-quilters these are pieces that measure 18" x 22" to be used in quilting projects etc...)
 These specifically remind me of my childhood in the 70's!!!
How fun!
Well, if you ever get the chance, swing on over and check out
I must warn you that it can be a bit addicting....
but the people there are very wonderful, and I've never been dissapointed yet when purchasing.
Good luck cyber shopping this season!

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  1. it can suck me in for HOURS!! i have a shop too called: chinamommy if you wanna check it out :) I am in LOVE with that hot pink pillow!!!


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