Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wreath for the Holidays

Hi everyone! :) Just thought I'd pop in here from Flickr where I've been posting some fun photos of the yarn wreaths I've been making lately. I have a lovely online friend who was recently featured in a Somerset HOME Magazine. Her name is Agnes and she has a fun Etsy shop called Knock Knocking. She makes these great yarn wreaths....much better than mine I assure you! :) You can follow this link to my Flickr photos and find a link to her Etsy shop there. Agnes was very gracious to share a tutorial in the 2010 Volume 5 issue....and that's where I got inspired to create this fun wreath. It turned out much better than I expected it to, and it took 3 times longer than I thought it would to create as well!!! I highly recommend shopping from Agnes at Knock Knocking as her wreaths are worth every penny!!!

Hope you are all well, and I hope to be back here again SOON!
Cheers and Happy Holidays!
Trish :)


  1. What a darling wreath! I went and saw all of Agnes's wreaths and I have to say I think your's is right up there with the best of her's. I like the random width stripes of your's. I loved seeing the displays in your store too. Super cute as always!

  2. love that wreath! i didn't know agnes gave a tutorial on making them. i must check that out!

  3. Nita, you are too kind! :) I am totally flattered that you think so...I have to admit...I like the random look myself, and that is why I wanted to make my own as well. Thanks for looking in on the shop!!! So nice to have you here!!!

    Heather, you will absolutely love Agnes's tutorial. I really thought she did a nice job there at Somerset. I must admit, I did quite alot of "winging" it....but was pleased with the overall results. Have fun wreath making! Nice to hear from you and hope you are well! :)


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