Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last Saturday? Second Saturdayz!

I know I promised it.
You've been waiting...
Now I've finally done it!
Oh it was so lovely too....
Have you ever gotten up at 5am, driven 2 hours, and guzzled 2 shots of esspresso just to go "junkin"?
It was totally worth it too!
We went to a local Seattle vintage show called

Of course once you walk need to decide which way to go first!
This is Kim...I love the colors she is wearing....they go so perfectly with every display!
And....of course she always looks so darn cute!

I saw this locker and about fell over with glee!
We were shopping for the store...our store:
Of course we were looking for unique displays...
and the folks who have booths at this show are magnificent at coming up with lots to choose from!

So many great smalls to choose from too!
Wait till I show you what I got for myself!
We'll save that for later....
on we go through the show:

more cool lockers!

Such sweet goodies in every booth!

The displays are lovely each way you turn...
and the light!!!! Ohhhhh
the light!!!

The show is held in a large old airplane hangar with tons of windows.
Isn't it a cool old industrial space?
I wish I had a studio like this on a smaller scale.
If I were to build a home right now...
it would very much resemble this

Obviously I am
rushing through this....
you simply
visit their blog and website to check it out for yourself!
There are so many lovely and sweet vendors whom we found lovely things from....
and I didn't get the chance to take photos of everyone or everything!
How sad.
once we had found a bunch of treasures for the store and for ourselves,
we were ready to load them all out to my Suburban.

As always, I force poor La Von (my sister and partner), Kim (our floor manager), and my mom ( Jan ) to arrange all our goodies for a photo to share with all of you!
Aren't you happy too??? 
Here is Kim placing my kitchy plastic turquoise flower "just so".
What I HAVE to point out about doing this is,
it helps us to see what we have and how best to pack it!

My mother (being the good mom and grandma that she is) felt she could not leave this little sweetheart behind.

Kim found some lovely little treasures for her home...

I of course had to find something a little on the silly side:
enormous retro plastic flowers!
Don't ask...
even I don't know what I'm going to do with them!

We found lots of lovely things for the shop too!

I mean...
People were arriving to the show and figured we were it!
Oh it was so much fun, and I think we will be going again soon.

Ta Ta for Now....
We'll be back again someday...
probably with a bigger vehicle!

Cheers all!


  1. I see many things in your pile that I'd like to have. I'm sure you will do something ultra fabulous with those plastic flowers.

  2. Wow, does this look like fun. Can't wait to see what makes it to the store.


  3. so that was you! i am the one who came and asked where the flea market was (it is usually in the bigger hangar). it was obvious that you girls would have known!

  4. Nita,
    I know aren't they the coolest flowers ever? I found one in one booth....and then another in a different booth. I've never seen one before...and have to have them! :)

    The items are already being worked into store displays as we speak. We are also getting some ginormous shipments in soooooon!!!! :)

    That is SO funny!!! You are such a lucky girlie to work for Kimberly over at Faded Elegance. She is a sweetie pie! :) We ALL likey-likey to visit and spend when in Snohomish! :) Hope you found some goodies at the show too!

    Cheers all, and thanks for visiting!!! I love my blogger buddies!


  5. all the goodies you girls got!! And the last photo of you all in the mirror is cool looking!

  6. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous! Those pictures are gorgeous.

  7. Daisy,
    You are a sweetie pie! Thanks for saying you like the photo of my sister, mom, and friend (employee) Kim. I love to take photos...and they always complain that they are the only ones in my photos....and I never am! :) I think they look really sweet in this shot... don't you? It was a perfect photo op :o)

    I hope you can find your way to a really fun show one of these days really soon to find some good junk for yourself! Thanks for your lovely means so much to me ;o)

  8. OH, Trisha, I've TOTALLY gotten up at 5am, espresso in hand, and driven long distances for marketing such as this! You scored big time. Way to go with the lockers! How fun! Everything around here is closed up until summertime. I bet you'll have a good time creating the displays.
    Have a great weekend! Megan

  9. See....I knew there were others with the sickness out there! Megan, I'm sorry you have to wait till summer :( Hopefully you can find some good junkin' stores near you to play around in!!! I hope you have a great weekend as well! :)

  10. It was nice to see *locals* in my booth at 2nd Saturdayz. Glad Kim liked her wrought iron.


  11. Second Saturdayz is on my list. I went to a Title 9 sale in that hangar this summer. It is a great spot and you take wonderful pics!
    One time my sis and I got up at o'dark thirty and drove to Portland for a garage sale. Amazing treasures! I'd do it again.


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