Saturday, January 15, 2011

From General Electric to Hewlitt Packard

I've been doing a little cleaning, organizing, and styling today while I waited for my hubby to come home with......
Our new laptop and printer!
I am now typing on my new HP laptop,
and just for fun I may even print this off on the new Epson!
We both worked extra hard this past Christmas time to save up to buy this, and I'd say we are pretty happy that we did. I have been living without a printer since October sometime....and our laptop was from 2004!
Chad said that the guys at the store were
that we had a laptop which was that old!
As a matter of fact,
Chad is now sitting accross the room from me with the old HP clicking away using it just beautifully.
Granted it's not as fast as this one is....and he doesn't use it as much as I do....
but it will be really nice for me and my home businesses to have such a capable machine!

that being said, I was bummed that we couldn't afford the new camera I wanted. However, I bucked up and went and shot some really lovely photos.
Now that I have this computer, the photos seem to be even better and the monitor much brighter too.
What an awesome thing for me to have such a great way to work.
Don't you think the picture above is sublime?
I've entitled it "Garden Dreaming".
It's so fun to see this old telephone, it reminds me of my childhood. It works like a charm, and is so fun to use the rotary dialer! My sons are simply amazed, and are having lots of fun calling my cell phone just to see how it works!
There's nothing like that old:
I have many more pictures....but I'm still learning how to do all the new stuff on this computer.
I'm sure I'll be back soon with more pretty photos of all the great vintage finds and crafts that I'm working on.

Until then,
I'll be right here with my eyes glued to the screen figuring all of this mumbo jumbo out!
Cheers and Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hey There!
    So enjoyed you guys at 2nd Saturdayz!!! Come see us in February some great surprises;) I've added you to my fav's ;)


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