Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pretties in Pictures: a Vintage Photo Shoot

Well, I'm at it again.
SO many fun things to do on my new laptop...
I'm having SO MUCH FUN!
I've been busy photographing my vintage finds and listing them on Etsy. It sure has been time for some shop updates!
If you like what you see here, you can go and find the items at one of my 3 Etsy shops.
Ollie Bollen
Trisha Brink Design
Wesley Asher
(All the links are to the right on my blog page.)
I have a few items I use as props quite regularly in my photos:
Deer :)
(they are my fave!)
French Silk Roses
(aren't these lovely? They are over 20 years old and a gift from a former employer)
White textured backdrop
(this happens to be polyester! :)
and a many other things, like....

Don't you just love this wool felt birdcage?
It's turned out to be a really fun backdrop piece!
( Thanks La Von and Janice! :)
Sometimes when I'm doing a photo shoot of product, it's nice just to leave it simple.
I think these little mid-century modern Raffiaware compote dishes are so cute!
Then there are those works of art
(like this little braided, woven, and sewn basket that I made recently)
that photograph best when left simple,
but you need to suggest a use for them.

I happen to love taking staged and styled photos the best.
Nobody is moving in them and they are easier to control.
As pretty as they are....
it is so much more fun to LOOK at photos of real people doing ordinary things; don't you think?
These photos are meant to sell product, or to promote something.
I find them incredibly soothing to look at, don't you?

there is much more to do with many more items and photos...
I'm going to spend some quality time with my family here at home today.
We have already been medicating, blowing noses, and drinking home made Orange Julius drinks.
Tristan is highly medicated at the moment with 2 antibiotics, nasal medication, and all the regular meds.
Elliot has a runny nose that will NOT stop.
Chad is sounding scruffy and looks like a much older man when he tries to get up outta his recliner.
I am feeling GREAT! Whoo HOO!!!
let's see how long that one lasts shall we?
Happy Weekend
hope you are feeling well yourself!


  1. this looks amazing. I just used your photo as a VDAY card and gave credit to you. Thanks so much- take a look:

  2. Hi there, and Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Thanks for the credit...hope you have a good one! :)


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