Sunday, March 6, 2011

Of Day Dreams & Wonderings...

Globulus Bloom
Trisha Brink Design
Welcome to my dream.
This is a dream where everything smells of fresh new green earth moist with morning dew.
The sky is palest blue with whispy clouds here... and there.
The sun is shining soft but bright.
Although the sun warms your skin, you still need a cozy little wrap as you walk through my garden dream.
Shall we push on through my gardenesque landscape?
Trisha Brink Design
The cool greenish-blue of the water is inviting...but is very cold to the touch.
Too soon to go in yet this time of the year....
very soon.
Next we walk on,
into the cool shady green of the woods...
Trisha Brink Design
....we hear birds singing, making nests.
Chitter-chattering they talk and tweet.
"You get some twigs, I'll get some moss" they say to eachother.
They work at their home...making way for the little ones.
Don't they worry?
Will they be done in time?
Will the Spring storms come to wrek havoc on their home?
Don't Worry...
Trisha Brink Design
It never occurs to them to worry.
He has promised to care for them....AND the lily.
why should I fret or worry?
For if even the birds of the air, and the flowers of the field do not become afraid...
then I should also walk on in life;
with courage...
to face each day with cheer.
Why day dream away?
 I should enjoy the "now".
After all, it is a GIFT...
...that's why the call it the

Wake up......

A new day awaits!

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