Saturday, March 5, 2011


tippity tap type.
yippity skippity tippity tap type!
What a lovely sound....
the clickity clacking of the keys a flyin'
 No power cords, no wireless printing, no internet.
Always adding some more paper, the constant swipe of the side bar to to....
Aren't vintage typewriters just lovely nostalgic?
Like this one?
I'm selling it for a friend on one of my Etsy sites
I also am beginning to list a number of great old typographic goodies such as these.
English Vocabulary Cards.
"Your success depends on your vocabulary"
after all!
I've decided to take them and group them in "stories".
Yummy tasty morsels of sweet words....
....sweet to say and sweeter to hear:
Artisan, Aesthetic, Embellish.
Oh I have so many more where that came from;
you should see the wonderful grouping of delicious words I've gathered
I will have more to come...
once I get the chance to list them! 
 I am so happy to make the world a lovelier place with
Maybe you should make a little
for some

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