Friday, July 29, 2011

Fresh Summer Fare on the Cheap!

 Ok, so not to bore you or anything, but as you know our son has had alot of medical issues....and with medical issues comes bills. So....needless to foodie hubby and I don't go out to dinner much anymore.
Honestly....we just DON'T go out for dinner anymore.
We used to be the couple who went to all the best places in our area....which at the time....wasn't saying much...but now there are all these fabulous places I'm dying to go to and try....only....the bank account says: NO FREAKIN' WAY!
we are crafty little chefs and make our own fab food!
What d'ya think of this Sushi my hubby whipped up?
 So, $2.00 for the nori (seaweed) & pennies for the rice and rice vinegar to flavor the rice.
Mayo & secret spices mixed with the crab we caught the other night (yeah, almost free!)
Chives, assorted greens, carrots, sugar peas....most from the garden...again...el cheap-O.
this is not as "authentic" as Chad is capable of making, but this is what we had on hand for sushi.
He would love to be legit,
I mean Chad said " I wish I had more to work with than just the crab...I could go for some tuna, eel, flying fish eggs, and fresh salmon....but I'm not complaining!"
He's SO freegin' husband cooks!
Oh yes he does...and all kinds of other good stuff too!
Crepes are his specialty.
Eat your hearts out ladies!
 So, I whipped up some crab Louis (, cheap, cheap!)
I donned my Geisha Costume...
No...not really.
What I really had done was bake a Raspberry (a gift of some berries from my mom) Cream Cheese Pie with Oatmeal and Graham Cracker Crust earlier in the day (made from leftovers in the cupboard and fridge).
We devoured that after dinner!
Sorry....missed a photo of that one, Elliot dug into it so would make your head spin!

SO....we don't go out much anymore....but it's ok.
We are a creative couple.
We try to be content with what we've got...
work with what we have....
are thankful that we've never gone hungry yet.
We also eat Mac & Cheese alot.... I'm just sayin' !
It was a marvelous dinner for our happy little family of 4.
Elliot ate a ton of Sushi, Tristan had crabless salad with cereal on the side, & Chad and I snarfed like there was no tomorrow.
But wait...
there is tomorrow!
Oh no biggie,
I've already packed the leftovers for lunches!
I love those awesome leftovers from fancy dinners that everyone at work is jealous of.
Well eat your heart out Grandiflora Girls,
my leftovers were made nearly free with loads of love & a dash of
I heart a happy ending!


  1. That's so GREAT that Chad cooks . . . my compliments to the chef AND the photographer! Times are tight around here too, and I'm lucky Jim also likes to cook. We count our blessings too!



  2. I'm so impressed by the sushi! looks yummy. Homemade food is better than eating out, any day.x


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