Saturday, July 30, 2011

From My Garden: Eden

Just wanted to add a lovely capture by moi. I really adore this climbing rose which I've had for over 10 years now. This rose is simply delicious to sniff. It's scented of lightly spiced pears with an overlay of rose musk. Isn't it gorgeous? I wait every year for this beauty to bloom just so I can enjoy picking the blossoms & sniffing at them to my hearts content.
I may have to add this photo to my stock on Etsy and at Grandiflora....
....what do you think?
I think it may also make a lovely card.....

enjoy your weekend you lovelies.....


  1. it is beautiful...yes, you should add it to your etsy. I love how soft and lovely it is!

  2. Oooo....thanks so much for the vote of confidence! :)

  3. it's very pretty! i think you should add it :)
    have a super sunday!

  4. I think your images are amazing...i saw them all at your shop...Beautiful! I may have to pop in soon to visit new house needs a gift. What days are you there?


  5. Beautiful photo, I agree with Melody you should add it, I'm sure it would sell xxx

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate your sweet votes of yes! :)

    Koralee, I'm usually there on Tuesdays and Fridays on the schedule. I'm there alot in between too....but off schedule. We are in clearance mode right now....but the new autumn products will be coming out in a week or two!!! Scary huh??? I am looking forward to the change however, I always like a seasonal changeover! ;) I'd love to see you swing by sometime!


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