Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 of my Autumnisms...

It's official!
I love this time of the year...but then I say that when every new season starts.

10 Things I LOVE about Autumn:

1. I get to wear boots! Whoo Hoo!!! Love me some boots!!!
2. I can start to wear jeans again! Yippee....lovin' my jeans!
3. Scarves...need I say more???
4. Hmmm...ooooohhh I know....Candles! Light 'em up baby!
5. Rain on my roof, (it's metal) it's the best sound to go to bed to at night.
6. Leaves blowing across the street making that dry scraping sound while the dried grasses swish in the breeze.
7. Baking (see previous post for Caramel Apple Cheescake Bars!).
8. Cooking up some yummy cozy comfort homeade chicken noodle soup anyone?
9. Crafting up a storm!!!
10. Spending time reading books with my hubby and little ones on rainy day nights.

So what are some of your Autumnisms?
I'd love to hear about them!
I could go on and on...but there is only so much room in a blog post.
I hope you love Autumn as well...but just remember... don't forget that our Aussie friends are just beginning to see Spring along with the rest of the Southern Hemisphere!
That just seems hard to believe right?
But our God is just that way...
creating things in amazing ways that always seem to suprise us.
Isn't this a wonderful world?
I'm so happy to be a part of it.
Enjoy your won't last forever!
Go outside and jump in a pile of leaves, it'll make your senses come to life again!
Cheers to you all!


  1. great list!
    one of mine is~i like bringing out my sweaters :)
    have a super weekend....

  2. Ok...all I can think about are those caramel apple cheesecake bars now...pure joy my friend. Can I marry you?

    I do love love love it.

    Hey are you coming up to our Fieldstone handmade market tomorrow?

    check it is so YOU! xoxoxo

  3. Gosh, what DON'T I love about Autumn?! I adore pumpkin anything, especially pumpkin oatmeal on a crisp morning; canning Fall goodies to sample next Spring; NOT getting overheated when knitting/crocheting all my shop products (so uncomfortable!); and being able to wear all my favorite clothes! :)

  4. Ooooo....I'm so loving all your Autumnisms! :)
    Andrea, I love sweaters too...just couldn't fit all my faves in one list!

    Koralee, Sorry about putting the caramel apple bars in your head! ;) Oh and yes, my sister La Von was talking about that show...hmmm....I'll check into it! It's my Birthday maybe I need a little getaway??? ;)

    Victory Garden, Pumpkin Oatmeal??? DO TELL!!! Sounds awesome! I agree with the "hot and sticky" feelings....I'm so over that! Although we didn't get much of it this past summer.

    I want to hear more Autumnisms.....standing by....

  5. My Autumn list:
    1. Right after it rains it always smells earthy and musty
    2. Hot drinks like apple cider, pumpkin spice latte, peppermint tea
    3. Cozy fuzzy socks and a crochet blanket at night.


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