Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Gifts, and an Outing Too!

I woke up this morning to torrential rain on my cottages' metal roof.
I snuggled under the covers a little deeper & soon was joined by two little snugglers.
(Poor hubby was already off before dawn.)
The boys and I laid in bed for quite some time before it got light enough and late enough to where we couldn't stay there any longer.
This has truly been an
Autumn day.
Gusts of wind, sideways rain, and big puddles.
I was even inspired to make a homemade pot pie for dinner tonight!
( I bought the pie crust premade.)
I thought I'd share a simple photo today of part of the lovely gift my sister La Von gave me.
Aren't those orange mums just fun?
She knows me all too well!
Thanks La Von!
I have been collecting these hilarious tacky plastic flowers...
I also have a pink one (not pictured) just like the blue one above.
Don't ask me why I like them so much...
they just make me smile is all.
I'm really a kid at heart, and never expect to grow truly maybe that is why I like animated things so much.
Believe it or not, most of my home is pretty basic....but I MUST have a few items in my home that make most people go:
Can't explain why I do what I do...but I really like having unique items with a past.
These mums are dated 1968, Made in the USA!
They just really make me giddy!

 maybe in a few days if the rain decides to let up...
 I was hoping to go on an outing....
I was thinking here?
I could spend hours in a corn maze!!!
Tee hee hee!!!
(Found on Pinterest...if you know the source message me as I'd like to give credit...but couldn't find it.)

I think it'd be right up my ally!
Until we meet again....

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  1. Forget the pot pie - what about the cookies?!?! Your gifts from LaVon made me smile too:)


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