Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bicycles, Barns, & Beautiful Finds...

Hello + Hello
my friends!
I am so happy that you're able to stop by today for some ramblings.
Isn't the bike above dreamy?
Do you have a vintage bicycle?
Would you if you could?
I do...this one happens to belong to my mother however.
My folks have a treasure trove of all the most interesting things hidden away in nooks and crannies in their home & their outbuildings.
It's like treasure hunting when you visit.
(Assuming you like good old fashioned junk the way we do!)
Did I ever tell you that I grew up there
(well at least through high school & college)
when it was a
Bed and Breakfast?
Oh yes...I did!
I had a room just like the guests, only I didn't get the fancy breakfasts....unless there were leftovers!
(Technically, I didn't have to pay I guess I shouldn't complain!)
I suppose it's sort of an odd upbringing, but somehow it has shaped me into who I am today.
Good or bad as that may be....
I have a penchant for working with people, hearing about other places in the world, & being surrounded by antiques and vintage items.
One never knew who might come through the door to stay from night to night.
One time it could be a honeymoon couple, and the next night Hollywood Movie makers who wanted to stay state side whilst working in Vancouver B.C. (the Hollywood of Canada!)
Some of the folks who made the wildly popular movie adaptation of
Little Women
Stayed in our home.
Oh how I loved that movie!
In fact I own it.
Life was certainly unpredictable living in a
Bed and Breakfast,
I digress however...
My folks collected antiques for many a year before they found their dream home...
which I might add wasn't so dreamy when found....however after much renovation and is a haven which to visit.
Today I had the pleasure of hanging out there in the barn working on a photoshoot
 with my sister La Von.
The backdrops of antique wood, piles of firewood, and rich patinas are just
I had to shoot a snap of my moms bike...
"....I learned to ride on one just like it...."
she said.
We had fun arranging things for the photoshoot;
laughed about the silly things like not knowing how to start tractors to:
how shall we say....
"get them out of the way of the pretty backdrops!"
(Don't tell my Dad we wanted the tractors out of the may hurt his poor little
pea pickin' tractor salesman heart!)
Anyway...thank goodness for my nephew who actually knows how to drive a tractor!
We took photo after photo, and got even MORE excited to release our opening date for
Well, it's been a long day.
I can tell as I'm beginning to ramble.
But that is what this blog is for right?
I wonder what delightful little treasures you remember being tucked away at your  Mom's or Grandma's house?
Do you have great memories of running around in a haymow?
Have you ever stayed at a Bed & Breakfast filled to the gills with Antiques?
Oh this post has turned into 3 posts!
But that is how my days are lately...
packed to the gills with
great stuff to
soak in!
It's all good!

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  1. It sounds like your growing up has made a huge impact on your life. My Gram taught me how to sew and create...with that background my sister and I started Bunnies By The Bay. I am so grateful I grew up in a chaotic, crazy, creative and full of love, family. And yes, I too have a hard time focusing.


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