Wednesday, October 5, 2011

With Enough Coffee I Could....

Fun Treasury on Etsy I whipped up.

I was thinking about coffee this morning & wondered.....

With enough coffee I could....
1. Clean my house!
2. Finish my laundry.
3. Do some paperwork
(I'd say finish it....but it will NEVER be done!)
4. List more items on Etsy.
5. Run to town to mail my Etsy packages.
6. Excercise? Hmm.....not sure coffee would be enough?
7. Bake some cookies...and then drink more coffee.
8. Play with my kids & help them with homework.
9. Be all the places I need to be on time?
10. With enough coffee...I could live on the ceiling, would that be practical?

I'm off to brew another cuppa....we'll see what I can accomplish after I've had mine?!
How about you???
Coffee & it's effects on you.....whatcha got fer me?
I NEED inspiration here folks....I'm kinda Super Tired here.....ah, c'mon!


  1. i love coffee-and your treasury! however by my second cup it usually needs to be decaf :)

  2. Amen! Though I don't drink coffee...Starbuck's London Fog is my drink of choice!

    Hugs to you sweet one. xoxox Happy is almost the weekend.

  3. I wish coffee would do the trick. I was addicted to strong ice tea. I was drinking it all day long and it really helped me get some things done until my heart started fluttering all the time even while just sitting at the computer or lying in bed. That is when I decided perhaps I'd over done it on the caffeine. But I do miss it.


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