Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can I Get Another One for my Pal Scarfy Here?

Am I the only one who loves a good scarf?
This is one of my all time favorites!
I've had it for years now, and always look forward to pulling it out of my ever growing enormous bin of scarves come fall.
We sell scarves at our brick and mortar shop
soon we will be selling them online as well at
I have a sort of a bad habit of purchasing a number of scarves every new season....
What I love about a good scarf is the fact that you can take a simple
outfit and turn it into something pretty wonderful!
in all reality....I'm actually saving money by not purchasing more clothes....right?
My favorite scarf wearing moment is in the movie Penelope, when Reese Witherspoon's character says:
"Hey bartender, can I get another one for my pal scarfy here?!"
Although I don't need to wear a scarf for cosmetic reasons....well...ok...that's debatable....but honestly, I do like to wear a scarf to keep the chill at bay when it gets a little nippy out!
My sister La Von and I are scarf we are always on the lookout for the prettiest and most unique ones we can find!
I know I am not alone here ladies...what is your favorite accessory for fall?
I have to admit, that hats are also a fetish of mine...but that is a whole other post!
Until then, I'll be having fun on this dreary day digging through my closet bins searching for the perfect scarves for the chilly weather to come!

Stay cozy!
Your Pal,


  1. I REALLY like scarves!!!
    But, I also REALLY enjoy jackets and cardigans once the weather starts to cool down. =)
    My favorite jacket is green, plaid, and rather Nancy Drew-ish. It makes me feel like I could sleuth at any moments notice when I wear it.

    P.S. Penelope is one of my favorite movies! lol

  2. Oooo!!! Sarah...I love jackets and cardi's too! Green & Plaid & Nancy Drew??? I LOVE it!!!! :)

  3. I love a good scarf too...actually I have almost a hundred of them lol

  4. I am obsessed with scarves and my latest addiction is boots & hats...oh yeah I have a problem. :)

  5. My best friend and I are crazy for scarves too. We each have a huge collection. I like them because they can make the most ordinary outfit interesting.

  6. i love scarves too! now that we live somewhere where i 'really' need one, i find mine keeps me really warm and i can sometimes forgo the coat!
    love the first photo's scarf :)


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