Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Shop My Palette...Do You?

 Dreamy afternoons spent with pretty thrifted goodies are rare these days for me...
but over the weekend I was able to have a little "me" time spent toodling with some recent finds.
I often laugh at my finds once I get them home; I have an unruly knack of shopping in color themes.
If you know me, you'll know I love vintage items.
I enjoyed this little vignette of thrifted finds a whole bunch, as it truly defines my personal taste in colors.
My home decorating color palette tends to venture into the:

sky blues
fawn browns
worn vintage mustard
pinky peach
Random right?

But it's what I like....& I can't stop liking guess I'm stuck with it!

When I'm shopping for clothing....well....that can often be a different story.
Although when I think about it,
my closet tends to be a reflection of similar versions of these colorways;
blue being the base of almost every outfit with jeans for comfort!

 Well anyway,
I will now be working on loading up these little goodies to shelves & walls....with a few going to Etsy & a few heading to Grandiflora.
(see links to the right on the blog)
I found quite a lot of pretties (not all are pictured) so it will take some effort to do this!
I love it however, & am looking forward to the challenge.
There were:
Little vintage pots for fresh flowers, or trailing plants....
 ...sweet little prints to hide in those tiny tucked away spaces throughout ones' home...
most importantly....a little birdie box for keeping tidbits & treasures.
I love working with items which have a past....I also love to mix those items with new things to create a well balanced look.
A little bit past & a little bit present.
How about you?
Do you love vintage like I do?
Are you strictly vintage style?
Do you cringe at the thought of decorating with vintage?
What about new trends: mod, bright, pastels?
What about color palette?
Does your closet echo your home?
Just curious....I always enjoy hearing your thoughts; long or short!

Hope you had a great weekend....& hoping your week is filled with golden sunlit days, crisp nights, and cozy times with loved ones!


  1. just bought a planter like yours at Value Village this week!

  2. Lucky you Kristine! I love thrifting, don't you? You never know what you'll find!

  3. i love mixing vintage and new-and i sometimes notice i shop in colors too :)

  4. Andrea, sometimes I find it hard to believe that folks don't want to mix vintage with new...I've just lived and breathed that my whole it's difficult to think of life any other way! :) So glad to hear you like it too, and that you shop in colors as well! :)

  5. I absolutely shop my palate. Ours are similar. In my art, I paint a tea wash over give it a vintage feel.


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