Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Friend Emma....

 I have a
"Wee" little friend called
I'm sure you've seen her goods all over the blogosphere....but what you may not know is that
she is offering a lovely little sale over at her shop right now!
Just enter code
get 20% off!!!
(Sale is only until October 18th, so hurry over!)

 I suggest you go and check out her awesome little shop for all the best in modern crochet!
She even has patterns in PDF style for those of you who are good with a hook yourself!
You won't be sorry you wandered over to see what you might find,
it's all sorts of happy over at
if that's not enough,
visit her lovely

to get a little peek into her happy stylin' world!
You will simply fall in love with this sweet and wonderful crafter...
I promise!

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  1. gorgeous! going to check out emma lamb now (:


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