Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Granny Chic-y-est Treasury of All Times!

Had so many Treasuries to review and comment on this evening....all of them were SO WELL curated I lost count at 17...but this one stood out to me inparticular.
Yes, it is well curated...cute...and's Granny Chic...need I say more?
yes...I DO:
If you will notice my dear friends...our lovely treasury maker has found all my favorite
Granny Chic friends to feature!
So awesome!
Please click on the treasury above to find:
Miss Emma Lamb
Miss Dottie Angel (aka Tif Fussel)
Miss Andrea Creates
Miss Annabelle Ozanne of Three Red Apples
Miss Amy of Ponder and Stitch
Oh SO many other talents too!
My new fave?
Sookie Says!
Too cute clothing with doilies sewn on!
Be still my beating heart!
Treasuries make me so happy sometimes.


  1. oh how fun! i see myself-and recognize some of my own favorites-off to check it out :)
    love your new banner!

  2. i just came across your post today. this is awesome and SO exciting to see. thanks for writing about my treasury!! it was so much fun to make! :)

    sabrina, aka: the doubtful pixie

  3. Brina, Thanks so much for featuring me too! I appreciate every treasury I'm blessed to be in. I loved yours inparticular becuause it was so well curated and filled with some of my fave online friends! Cheers to you my dear!!! :)


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