Sunday, October 23, 2011

Create Everyday!

Such a happy color way, don't you agree?
I am always so happy when a treasury featuring something of mine makes it to the
Front Page of Etsy...
This one in particular is such a favorite of mine because of that adorably cute bumper sticker:
I may have to spring for one of these myself...just a little treat for me,
a reminder for all those folks on the road
to never give up creating!
Don't you ever give up either...what have you been creating lately?
I'd love to know!
Cheers & happy new week to you!


  1. I actually just saw that Treasury on the front page and recognized your lovely photo! Congrats! I'd simply LOVE to be featured in a front page Treasury...someday, someday! :D

  2. Hey you, thanks so much for the well wishes! :) Hang in there with the Front Page. It took me a year before I got there. My best advice? Keep making treasuries yourself, and make lots of good contacts via Teams. If you do are sure to get there! :)

  3. That sticker is gorgeous! Congrats on the front page ^_^

  4. Love the sunny yellow joy I found here waiting for me this Monday morning. I am sooooo sorry I missed you my friend. Your shop is so lovely...poked about for a bit and found some treasures to bring home!!! Your Christmas floor is time I will meet you...we really do live so close .. I will pop in again. xoxoxo Hugs.

  5. Really sticker is greater. It is such a creative you have that I am impress. Front Page of Etsy is amazing.


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