Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Patchwork Soup Mixes, Santa Bling, & Scrabbled Up Holidays

 We are on a roll here folks!
I havn't got much time to post just now....but thought I'd keep this ball rollin'
My boys are craft-maniacs...and have been literally doing a craft a day for weeks now
to earn money to purchase a Goat and two Chickens for
World Vision!
(see previous posts for more in depth details)
Today I'm showing you their
"Patchwork Bean Soup Mix in a (soup) Can"
Yeah...pretty cute to huh?
(ALSO MESSIEST CRAFT WE'VE DONE YET!!! Thus the item below....)
 Patchwork Bean Soup Mix
in a bag too!
My Nephew Carter is also going to be selling items at the show...
He has come up with these adorable Santa Necklaces:
 I asked my sis La Von to bring some of his goodies over so I could snap them too...
 Very Festive I might add!
We also came up with this fun and also educational craft:
Scrabble Tile Holiday Sentiments!
Cute huh?
I'll be back with more tomorrow if you can believe it!
Hope you can swing by to see what they've been working so hard for?

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