Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craftiness Runs in our Family

 Super Cute things have been accumulating around here this Season....
I asked my sister La Von to swing by a couple of items that her son crafted up for the
upcomming Kids' Craft show that our boys are doing together this Saturday the 3rd.
Above is the sweet little snowman made from an empty coffee creamer container.
So cute huh???
He is perfect for serving Powdered Hot Cocoa Mix!
I mean really who wouldn't want to get hot cocoa from Frosty the Snowman!?!?
 Many of Carters' creations are practical as well as cute!
The Stocking ornament/gift tag above is fun and useful for anyone!
Please be sure to say Hi to Carter at the sale as well...
He's been working really hard to come up with some of his own original crafts.
After all he is a big ten year old....and has great ideas of his own!
Support your local craft fairs wherever you roam...
there is always SOMETHING there you can find!
Hoping to see you at the show?
I'll be the one with dark circles under my eyes, and a huge grin plastered on my face.
I AM tired....but I AM Happier than any tiredness.
Working with my sons, sister, and nephew is my idea of a good day.
More to come....

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