Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh My Stars! My Home Featured in Gatherings Magazine

Hello all my good friends!
Hoping you are having a fabulous weekend?!
I know mine is pretty fabulous so far because my husband is whipping up a delicious breakfast for me!
The other thing that's pretty fun is the fact that
has her
up and running for your viewing pleasure.
I can tell you after seeing all the great features...that it is well worth subscribing!
There is a lovely feature of my home as well.
I had so much fun painting, papering, and redecorating for this special feature!
that's it, my big reveal #1.
More to come....but for now, I hope you head on over and
Have a lovely weekend my friends... gotta go, my breakfast is ready!


  1. Gorgeous star! Are there instructions for how you did it? Thanks.

  2. Congratulations, Trisha!
    So excited for you!
    I don't really have any money to spare right now, but I will definitely keep that in mind for the future. For the cost it looks like an amazing thing to subscribe to!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Looking forward to see what other big reveals you have to come. =)

  3. Hi Sheila, Honestly I found the heavy foam star out thrifting one day (maybe a part of a float? or store display?) anyway...I simply measured my vintage wallpaper to fit each point of the star and mod podged each piece to it. Pretty simple....but if you need a link to the fab wallpapers I used, you can find it all here: & also here: I also have the papers for sale at my local shop Grandiflora Home & Garden Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help! :)

  4. Hey Sarah, thanks so much! :)

    Yes, Heather made sure to make her magazine very cost effective at $1.00 an issue ($4.00 for the year/4 issues per season).

    I highly recommend it, and you can view the magazines anytime you want over and over all the past issues (which feature some of my favorite style icons).

    As always, I appreciate your sweet feedback, have a lovely week!

  5. Hello Trisha, I'm a new follower from Italy. Your style is so lovely. Take a look to my blog if you want. Bye Bye Silvia


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