Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temper Tantrums & Treasuries

Hello + Hello
Hoping you are all doing very well today?
I am quite well thank-you...
I will admit to having a bunch of stress and crazyness in my life recently....
but I'm trying to move on and put all that icky stuff behind me.
Truly it seems that just when I think my life is falling apart at the seams....
that the Good Lord puts someone in my pathway who has it so much worse than I do...
then I feel like a whiney little peon.
Ever get that?
I no likey that.
the best way to push beyond it is to ask for forgiveness, look on the bright side, have a little faith, & sing really loud when no one is around!
Or, at least that's what works for me!
What about you?
How do you "deal" with a poor attitude?
Are you ever caught throwing a temper tantrum....just to find out you're acting like a 4 year old?
Haa haa....c' can admit it!
Tee hee hee!
Oh well....I digress....
As I was working diligently on some goodies for our family owned shop
I was clicking around today and found out one of my items from
was featured in this super well curated treasury
on the Front Page of Etsy.
It is always such an honor to be there...
big thanks to all those folks who take the time to put these beautiful collections together.
I am truly endebted to you all!
Wishing you a very lovely day!!

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  1. Temper tantrums are a universal human experience! No matter how grown up we think we are! I'm enjoying your blog very much and had lots of fun "favorite-ing" lovely items in your etsy shop. I just had to tell you, Trisha, that your favorite quote is also mine! It used to be right on my profile on my blog. Ain't it the truth? Happiness is so often a choice, but we don't always choose it!


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