Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Lovelies on my Table Recently...

Was having fun the other day working with some of my vintage lovelies for
I am smitten with these vintage butterfly prints, and have been racking my brain as to what to do with them.
Maybe I should do a simple wall collage with a little washi tape?
I could frame them?
Maybe deacoupage them to something?
Oh well....
whatever I decide to do,
I'm sure it will be a fun project to work on.
you'll be sure to see it here too!
How have you all been?
I've been trying my best to get around to all my favorite blogs for a looksie & commenting more.
Don't you think it's nice to let folks know you care about what they are doing?
Isn't it nice when you get a little note of encouragement?
I'm not fishing for comments here
(although I'm not telling you that you couldn't leave one either! :)
I think it's imperative to leave a comment when you think something is lovely or ingenious.
So, I've been working on my communicative skills as of late.
For sure it takes time,
but all my friends are TRULY worth it!
They brighten my blogger day with all sorts of inspiration!
I love them all in their very special ways.
I'm off to share a little comment luv!
I can't wait to have the time to get back here again soon to share more fun things I've been up to, but for now...the kids need to get on the bus to school...
Have a lovely day!

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