Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come Visit My Kitchen...

 Hello all my sweet friends,
Welcome to my kitchen!
I want to show you something new I've been working on these past few months.
The new shelves are now finally installed!
These shelves were designed by yours truly...then cut out by my loving hubby, sanded and primed by me, painted by my wonderful mother-in-law, installed by my hubby and finished off my me!
Who knew it would take 11months & a tribe to hang kitchen shelves?!?!?! 
 I'm not going to complain however....they turned out simply wonderful!
I'm so happy to have a place to not only show off my fun collectibles, but to make them useful as well.
I have this fine line that borders on kitchy and cluttery with organization and simplicity.
I think it has to do with my
"Decorative ADHD"
I can't decide whether I'm one or the other?
It's a struggle for me:
raised by my perfectionist father & collector mother.
Which side will win in the end?
No one knows!
 One thing is for sure...I got my love of color from
Almighty God, & I'm not afraid to use it!
I am ready to head out for picnics at a moments notice...bird watching anyone?
I see birds....on my towels!
I love nature, and therefore always want to be viewing it, even if it is faux.
This is my kitchen sink.
You can't really see it from here, but I'm lucky enough to look out onto a large side yard which is usually filled with all the little neighborhood boys playing with our sons' in their tree house
(compliments of my father-in-law; did I mention how awesome my in-laws are?)
As a matter of fact, I'm often baking cookies and handing them out the side window to the big front porch on our 1913 Craftsman Bungalow where said little boys are waiting with
hungry tummies!
( I was told that the folks who lived here for more than 70 years prior to us always did the same thing: and I quote " Mrs. Bremner used to bake the best ginger snap cookies, my brothers and I used to hay for Mr. Bremner and she would always feed us cookies and lemonade out on the front porch." How cool is that? The hay field is sadly gone now, but I'm still handing cookies out!)
 Here you can see the window where many hands have passed goodies out.
I should clarify that our house has 2 front doors, and therefore the one you see here is never used.
( You can see the other front door in my previous post if you'd like.)
The built-in behind the bar stools actually opens from both sides (to the dining room)
which is pretty cool.
The cabiniets were built in the late 20's when the Bremners moved in.
Before that the Brauns had free standing cabinets and a wood cook stove.
When we (the Brinks) moved in, we simply did some cosmetic work.
Don't you think it's interesting that in 99 years only 3 families have lived in this home?
The Brauns, the Bremners, and the Brinks.
We are going to have to put a stipulation in our sales agreement if we ever decide to exit this home....
the buyers must have a BR name!
 As long as the dishes are done the night before
 (which isn't always the case I might add)
 I always enjoy coming down for coffee in the morning to my kitchen and this sweet cross stitch sign.
Side Note: I love no ADORE my new Pip Studio bag! It was given to me at Atlanta's Mart for FREE! :)
The newest addition to my happy kitchen mornings are the fresh eggs our hens are laying lately.
I just love fresh eggs don't you?
And now....
the garden is waking up
( yes, and so are the weeds)
so I've been out cutting my daffodils for bouquets for even more added charm and cheer!

Well, that concludes my kitchen tour for today, but if you want to see can always visit
for more and different views of my home.
It has been such a pleasure to share my home with all of you...but I'm not done yet....
so stay tuned for more eventually.
How about you?
What are you up to this Spring cleaning time?
I'd love to hear about it....and feel free to send me some link love to wherever you're showing off your handiwork.
I love to see what you all are up to you know....but most importantly I love to hear how you are.
Blessings to you my friends!


  1. it looks really pretty!
    i totally understand the 'fine line' style :)

  2. What a lovely and cheerful kitchen!

  3. Your kitchen is just darling my friend. I love everything about it..and those shelves are a great feature. Thank you for sharing such sweet joy...xoxoxo

  4. The shelves look great! I love your kitchen :)

  5. Your kitchen is the best! Love the lights over the island and the new shelves look awesome!

  6. Your kitchen is so 'gezellig'! Love it, especially the big fabric lamp... :-)

  7. Wow, thanks so much everyone! :) I appreciate your kind comments on my kitchen. Amazing how if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish all those little things you've been putting Kitchen Shelves! Best wishes for a fabby day my lovely friends! :) Trish xx

  8. Oh...I love those shelves...totally worth all the effort. I adore your kitchen anyway. You are so lucky to have all those windows above the sink. And your cabinets...I'd give anything if my little cottage still had its original cabinets. I adore old cabinets. I love all the color you sprinkle about. Funny, I always admire monotone colored rooms but can't seem to do it myself. I love color too much. That kitchen has become monotone. Color just doesn't seem to work with the black countertops so I gave up and went white and silver. Now it works. I've been redoing my open shelves and will show soon. But...if I didn't have black countertops....there would be color in my kitchen.

  9. Thanks so much Nita! :) I can totally hear where you are coming from on that...I used to have black countertops and red walls with white new cabinets. It was SOOOOO different from this kitchen! I was able to get my dream countertops (butcher block) for this kitchen when we moved in and I love them...but they sure were a splurge! I love to look at all white kitchens...and someday hope to have one...but for now, with our tiny budget...this will have to do. Sometimes you just need to work with what is already there, and embrace it right?! :) Thanks for stopping by my friend; hoping you are doing quite well.

  10. CAn you tell me what that gorgeous paint color is?!?

    1. I'm so sorry... l've been trying to find my old paint samples to find that answer. Alas...I can't. The paint is 12+ years I'm not sure if it would be available or not. So sorry, wish I could help you. :(


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