Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Rainy Memorial Day Weekend...Time to Fire up the Tacky Lights!

 Hello + Hello!
I hope your Memorial Day weekend was lovely?
We had a very relaxing weekend, working on this and that....
but sadly...it rained. the. whole. weekend. long.
Oh well, I got to spend a little time admiring the drippity drops
from the front porch.
 I decided to fire up the fun little find I got out thrifting the other day......
 Yes that's right....tacky trailer lights!
(this one's for you mom! ha ha ha!!!)
My dad always thought these little party lantern lights were the tackiest thing around
when we were kids in the 70's.
We had a trailer in a campground we used to visit, &
dad always made fun of people who had them.
My mom and I are of the less "worried what people think of us" version of folks.
my hubby and I hung them up last night to give it a try.
We laughed pretty hard....but left them up for the night.
 We'll see if I'm brave enough to leave them lit in our respectable neighborhood....
Hey... a little granny/grampy trailer park chic never hurt anyone....right?
where are my lawn flamingoes?


  1. I have never seen those kind of lights before. I think they are fabulous!!! :-)
    (and indeed bah humbug: what awful weather!)

  2. Your porch is soooo pretty! I love tacky trailer lights too. I used to have some strung on my screened in porch when I lived in an apartment in Atlanta. I'd turn them on on weekend nights and it instantly felt like a party.

    I was stupid and threw them out and now I wish I had them again.


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