Monday, May 20, 2013

Instasale This Thursday: Why My Son is an Awesome Buyer For YOU!

Above: Typical fun finds for you at Trisha Brink Design Shop on Instagram
Hello + Hello!
Wanted to drop in and let you all in on my upcoming
Instasale this Thursday May 23rd @ 4PM PST  (7PM EST)
If you are an Instagram user, you  have probably seen similar sales.
I have now had two instasales at my
am loving how they work!
A sampling of previous fun finds in our Instasales.
It is a lot of effort, time consuming & exhausting
(to be utterly truthful)
but also very rewarding.
I've spent a lot of time getting to know so many lovely
shoppers & shop keepers on
Instagram; they are simply wonderful folks just like all of you!
As you know, I often end up down at
Children's Hospital in Seattle with my oldest son Tristan
for his rare Autoimmune Rheumetalogical disease called
Linear Schleroderma en coup de Sabre.
Finding treasures to sell online has been a pastime for he and I for quite some time now.
We hunt them down on our Seattle trips as a team (the kid has eagle eyes!).
Then I have the pleasure of
photographing them and listing the items.
I also handle the invoicing and packaging.
Tristan very much helps me with the shipping as well as Elliot his younger brother.
Elliot & little vintage hunters.
We work together to do this business;
I truly believe they are really learning something from all of this!
We use the profits we gain to do two things:
pay for our trips down to Seattle (gas, food etc...) and the bills we incur from
various medical appointments and procedures he needs
(which aren't covered by our medical insurance).
And secondly,
we donate to local charities who feed/clothe the homeless.
We often see folks on our trip along the side of the road who are holding signs
for money or help.
I've been taught not to give out money to these people...but instead to give to the local
homeless shelters where they can truly get the help they need.
We are blessed to have a meager but wonderful home with a husband/father who supports us
everyday. But I'm not taking that for granted....and I know things happen. That's why I hope to teach my sons the pleasure of tithing as I learn more about it myself.
It has been a rewarding adventure for us all,
one that I don't plan to stop anytime soon.
We are an entrepreneurial family...and our gifts are from God.
We want to honor our shoppers with fun finds, great service & most of all
honor God with the gifts he provides for us through these instasales.
We hope you will join us this
Thursday evening at 4pm PST for our next installment of
Trisha & Tristan's finds
See you there!

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