Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Handpainted Touches of Exotic Places in my Master Bedroom Sneak Peak

Silouettes I made of Tristan & Elliot hanging on my side of the bedroom along with vintage bamboo calendar paintings. They are hand tinted and glittered. I just loved the feel of them.
 So I was going through some photos that I took recently for
the feature I did for
on our home....
I wanted to show you a few more details from my (our) bedroom.
( Just to be clear...Heather did a fantastic job of featuring our home...she picked the best of the best photos from the shoot. If you want to see more & better views, please be sure to visit and subscribe to her lovely magazine which features SO MUCH MORE than just our home.)

 I honestly have a really big thing for anything with hand painted florals!
This set of furniture was a real find! I found one dresser in a nearby city and not a year later I found another dresser which was exactly alike along with a gorgeous vanity with curvy mirror and bench!
I bought these pieces with inheritance money from my grandparents...I am in love with the hand painted details. Oh you should see the vanity....Heather captured it really well in the magazine.
 Isn't this jewelry box lovely? It's simply made from cardboard....but I adore it.
I don't have any jewelry that's worth alot....but I do have priceless keepsakes in here...
like the photos my now hubby and I took in photobooths when we were first dating over 20 years ago, my wedding jewelry, an antique watch that my mom bought for me once, my son's teeth (yep, you caught me....I'm the tooth fairy!) and a ton of other irreplaceable items.
Everyone needs a treasure box don't you think?
 Speaking of's another way I like to display my costume jewlery. Sometimes jewelry is too pretty to hide!
I also love the pair of hand painted on glass antique heron prints I have.
They just scream exotic to me!
Again, it's fun to display with pretty things...and this is my sweet little walk in closet under the eaves of our 1913 bungalow cottage.
I wore this dress to an open house celebrating a showroom I had recently designed. I had just given birth to my son Elliot & was thrilled to be able to wear "normal" clothes again!
I still love this dress....the fabric just makes me happy!
And....last but not is my comfy side of the bed.
Yes, it's a KING sized bed.
I love my bed....I often comment to my hubby at night after a long day that I am so thrilled to have such a luxurious cozy (and large) bed to crawl into.
I am nearly 6' tall....and my hubby is even a few more inches taller....we both enjoy having a place to stretch out in comfort.
I don't get to put my feet up  very often....but when I do....I dream of doing it in this bed!
What about you?
Do you love your bed or bedroom as much as I love mine?
are you one of those folks who has a drab bedroom void of exotic escapism.
I hand painted our bedroom walls in tangerine, melon pink, and subdued mustard.
I did this to recreate the feeling I had when I watched the movie
it also reminded me of stucco like cottages I've seen in the U.K.
I love the way the colors meld together to give this fantastic glow.
The room just lights up in the morning when the sun comes in
(as our windows are full East)
But at night.....well.....that's when the magic happens!
(ok....mind out of gutter please...but you're really not far off! ;)
I mean the magic of the glow of low lit lamps or candles....this color is just plain
Well, anyway....
I was just wondering if you were inspired by any of it?
I'd also love to hear your thoughts on decorating your bedroom:
do you love yours? why? why not? what would you change if you could do anything you wanted?
Let me know...
I love your comments you know!
Thanks for dropping by again,
have a great Easter week my friends!


  1. it all looks so pretty!
    how lucky to have found matching furniture a year apart :)
    my room's in need of a major's not decorated at all since we moved in :0

  2. Such sweetness....I love your little details.
    Just popped over to wish you a very blessed Easter my friend. xoxoxo

  3. Just found your lovely blog. I am a great believer in the unmade bed, so much more inviting!
    Let's start a 'unmade bed' craze.
    Just going to keep reading your blog for a while whilst sipping my tea. X

    1. Hi there Betty! Welcome, & nice to unite with a fellow messy bed enthusiast! :) Happy to have you here!

  4. i don't have anything as awesome as those handpainted walls, but i do love my bed/bedding. the mattress is very soft, pillows are pretty comfy and there are layers of color, texture and pattern. someone came over unexpectedly and said "everything just works together."

    1. Oh I just love when guests pop over & 'get it' about your decor...somehow it just affirms all your hard work does'nt it? So happy you've stopped in to say hi! :)

    2. it really does affirm the work. since my place is a studio apartment, i have to beat off my bed with a stick.


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