Friday, March 12, 2010

Movie Night Library you thought I forgot!

Ok, so here I am again with another favorite movie.....Under the Tuscan Sun. I know this is older...but it's a goodie!
If you haven't watched it in awhile, is the time! Starring Diane Lane, this movie is a portrayal of the life of authoress Frances Mayes. I think this is one of my favorite movies because "Frances" is so real. Are you wondering why the chocolate bars and chocolate bells??? WELL,  "the bells in the square go ding dang dong, instead of ding dong ding" and of course... "enormous amounts of chocolates....and a car in which to drive off a cliff when this turns out to a terrible mistake!"
This movie is hilarious, romantic, and absolutely beautiful! If you are visually inspired like I am, you will adore the transformation of Frances' lovely villa. I wish I could take a little trip to Cortona...well, at least I can put this dvd in any time I want....and I can see the "creepy Italian trees"! :o)
So, if you are having a rough day, pop this one in and lay back waiting for the lady bugs....lots of ladybugs!
Can you tell I've seen this one too many times???? That should say just how good it is!!!

BONUS: WHAT WAS THE COLOR OF FRANCES' GLASS VASE??? This is just for fun....and also to see if there is anyone out there reading all of this stuff!!!! :o)

Enjoy your weekend, and your movie night!
Cheers, Trish :o)


  1. blue!!

    I love your movie suggestions, this is a major fav of mine!!

  2. This is one of my tippy-top faves.

  3. Yeayyyyy!!!! YES, it was blue!!! I'm so glad you girls like this one! Good job Artsy Momma!!! You are the big winner admiration! Tee hee hee! Hope you girls are having good weekends!!!


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