Friday, April 18, 2014

Humble Beginnings; Eggstravagant Easter Eats

 Hello + Hello!
How are you doing? 
I'm doing pretty well myself, other than the fact that my laptop is experiencing major technical difficulties.  
So, today I'm posting from my good old iPhone. I'm sure the format of this post won't be the same as normal, 
but please bear with me ok?

I wanted to encourage those of you who might be uninspired to celebrate Easter this year due to financial woes, tough times or just plain busy-ness. I've got a simple little recipe that's sure to knock your socks off & not even come close to breaking either your time or financial budget this weekend.
I'm a really big fan of fresh eggs from our chickens. They are really laying good right now too (bonus!) so I decided a simple but sophisticated recipe was in order. Sometimes fresh eggs don't peel very well when boiled... so although I love Deviled Eggs... they don't really turn out so pretty for Easter brunch. Thus the following recipe:

Egg Salad on Toast Points with Dill & Fresh Cracked Pepper

If you don't have chickens, no worries...simply grab a dozen eggs at the market for a few dollars & get started. 

You'll need:
1 dozen hard boiled eggs finely chopped
1 dollop mayo ( about 1cup )
1-2 T. yellow mustard
1 tsp. dried dill
Mix ingredients together to taste, adding more or less mayo or mustard. Set aside.

Next, toast your bread until medium brown. Trim off edges & cut diagonally into triangles.

Then spread egg mixture onto toast points. 

Last, sprinkle your toast points with:
1 green onion chopped fine
more dried dill
fresh cracked, or regular black pepper 
salt to taste
Eat within 1 hour or toast will become soggy.

Don't forget to add garnishes such as grape tomatoes, cucumber slices or mini carrots. Serve with tea or coffee & Easter candy. 

Relax & enjoy your day... because after all



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring DIY Banner Kits Were a Real Hit!

 Hello + Hello!
How is everyone?
I hope you are well!
I just wanted to stop in here & share a little bit
 about what I did this past rainy & dreary weekend...
Honestly, I'd been craving some sit down crafty time for quite a while now.
I decided to take some time out and make up a cheery
Spring banner with some vintage
 Contact Paper.
 I've had these rolls squirreled away
from my thrifting adventures
for quite awhile now...
and it suddenly seemed like the right time to use them!
 I had so much fun making the banner for myself,
that I made a bunch of
DIY Kits and sold them in my
on Instagram.
They were a huge hit!
Each kit simply contained just the right amount of
vintage papers & string
(along with instructions)
to make these adorable banners
which total about 3 yards in length.
It doesn't take rocket science to figure out how to make these.
Finding the right combination of prints and colors is the difficult part;
and I simply lucked out.
I figured I'd spread the luck around
being it was St. Patty's Day weekend and all.
(wink, wink)
Pretty sweet huh?
I had so much fun making these....
I may have to come up with other kits soon!
Just in case anyone is interested in making their own garland...
I have a few kits left.
They can be purchased from me for $6.00 each
with free shipping within the USA!
(Just contact me via email at
& I can send you an invoice via PayPal.)
sometimes you don't need to make huge
leaps and bounds on a rainy dreary weekend.
Sometimes you simply need to
get crafty and create your own sun shiny cheer!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Inspired My Spring Market Report in Gatherings Magazine?

Hello + Hello!
I am so excited to announce the release of
This is by far the best issue yet!
The other contributors and I were all given creative license to be inspired by
whomever/whatever we wanted!
What great fun!
( Heather Spriggs Thompson is the best editor ever!)
Immediately I knew who I would be
inspired by...
my fellow contributor & friend
I think it's easy to see how talented she is
from this sweet watercolor print that she blessed me with
upon completing a lovely photo shoot at my home.
(You can get your own copy too, just find it on her blog side bar.)
I'm guessing you'll be able to see the correlation
between Annetta's piece nestled in my story board
my final market report
(arranged by none other than the uber talented
So, if you are a big fan of beauty...
love flowers, enjoy creating an inspirational home
well...anything in between?
head over to
and get your copy!
As a fun little perk for you my blog friends....
Simply enter code
at checkout
receive 10% off your issue!
Happy Reading!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Coming Soon...Spring 2014 Gatherings Magazine: A Tribute to Artists & Artisans

 Hello + Hello!
I am getting
excited for the new release of
It's an amazing tribute to artists and artisans.
 I think these images will completely inspire you...
as they did me.
The folks I work with at
Gatherings Magazine
are amazingly talented,
I am fully blessed by the
top notch content they deliver.
Be sure to head right over
to find out how you can pre-order your copy today!
You won't be disappointed,
I pinky swear!
I think we could all use a little bit of
don't you?
Remember, this issue releases
March 10th!
So pre-order your copy today!
Happy March
my friends!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Calling Cards; Let's Keep In Touch!

 Hello + Hello!
How are you?
Are you buried in a foot of snow like me?
are you one of those lucky ducks
sunning yourself on vacation by a pool right now?
either way...
"Let's Keep in Touch!"
 What?? You ask.
Let's Keep In Touch!
Remember when 
Laura Ingalls Wilder 
tells the story about getting
Victorian calling cards?
The kind you'd leave with a new friend you just met?
Picking out your card was a matter of personal taste...
the card itself would define you.
Can you identify with Laura's thrill of choosing &
exchanging name cards?
Me too!
It seems I'm often out and about at
vintage shows, shops or simply at the grocery store.
Someone will ask me a question about what I do etc...
a conversation begins & suddenly I'm handing out a business card.
I love that we have such pretty business cards at
but sometimes...they are a bit impersonal if
the situation calls for a personal touch.
Although I am so proud of what I do at
it is not the sum of who I am.
I've always wanted personal calling cards
for just such occasions.
Ever since being asked to host a giveaway on my blog
by the folks at Minted, 
I've been pondering on getting some
"calling cards".
Have you seen how many beautiful designs they have?
I wanted my cards to be
cheerful; a personal light hearted reflection of me.
Not too much to ask for....right?
(wink, wink)
I was lucky enough to find the perfect card!
The best part about Minted,
is that they allow you to take a pre-designed concept
personalize it to better fit your style.
for the front.
On the other side I added one of my own photos
(a vintage flower stuffed mailbox)
dubbed with a simple saying:
"let's keep in touch"
I love how they turned out!
The cards came in the sweetest little slider box perfect for tucking into my purse!
I am thrilled with the results I found at
The whole process from design start,
to home delivery was just over a week!
Impressive right?!
Happily, now I'll be ready to connect with those around me
on a more personal level...
my friends...
is a very good thing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the Winner of the Giveaway is....

Hello + Hello!
I'm so excited to be back here again
 announcing the winner of
the $25.00 store credit to
Oh you lucky on to find out who you are!
What will you spend your dough on?
Wall D├ęcor?
Business Cards?
Party Supplies?
Hmmmm......tough decisions!
What a pleasure to host such a great giveaway!
I'm so glad they asked me to do it.
I've been so inspired by Minted's lovely blog called
for quite some time now.
All you need to do is head over to my
for the proof.
I'm always pinning and re-pinning
their amazing photos, ideas & art.
I mean seriously people...
is this not the cutest thing ever?
You simply have to head over to their site for more eye candy!
we must not delay!
Shall I tell you how
"technically" I chose a winner for the contest?
So, I wrote everyone's names on scrap paper...
crumpled them up
all at once threw them up into the air
caught one!
Ha ha ha ha!
technical right?
Now, without further ado;
drumroll please....
the official
"catch of the day"
winner is:
Congratulations Wendi,
I know you will put your $25.00
store credit at
to good use.
(I will contact you shortly with the voucher code.)
thanks for playing along everyone!
Stay tuned for more fun contests...
a few other lovely sites have connected with me to do
similar giveaways...
I can't wait!
Until then...

When Life Gets Tough...

My photography using Rhonna Designs App & Waterlogue App
Hello + Hello.
How has it been for you folks today?
Sincerely, I hope you are well.
But, honestly?
Life's been a little bit frustrating for me lately...
...I find myself doing a lot of heavy sighing
cranky "grrrr...." -ing.
I truly don't like to be a downer AT ALL.
But the reality of things is that some days you just don't
get to have things the way that you want them to be.
rather than be a fakey-fakey
I'm simply being honest;
life can be tough.
Even still....
when life sends me murky waters,
shark infested waters,
swimmers itch,
red tide,
stinging jelly fish
or worse...
I choose to
Want to know why?
Even though my son is battling a lot of medical issues right now, even though I am more than a
little bit frustrated with some things at work...
it is magical to know I can keep my head above water
because Christ gives me strength to do so.
(Phillipians 4:13)
if you are experiencing frustrating
shark infested murky waters right now in your life...
give Jesus a chance

What You Are...

Hello + Hello...
Just stopping in to share a profound quote I read tonight.
(via Apples of Gold, compiled by Jo Petty)
It inspired me to whip up this sign
think a bit more on it......
You know which source I turn to
 when I'm questioning who/what I am supposed to be?
The Bible;
Proverbs 31.
Try it, I think you'll like it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Clean & Simple Geometry in the Living Room

 Hello + Hello!
How are you my friends?
I hope you are well.
I've not had the chance to share a space in my home for awhile,
and so....
I thought you might enjoy seeing a whole other side of the
decorative person I am now.
Some of you remember the photo I had shared with you a few years ago
of my living room wall:
over a year ago, I decided to shift things around a bit in the room
by moving many of the multi colored items that once occupied the space.
Some items found homes in other areas of our house,
and frankly some of them found new homes
I was longing for a simpler style...
a less "occupied space".
So I painted the walls a refreshing cream and pale powdery blue.
Geometric triangular effects on the
television wall are meant to resemble
sound waves;
as the rest of the room is divided top and bottom
cream and blue.
It worked its magic on me,
I'm so happy now to have a less
space to come home to each night.
 As you can see however, I didn't get rid of
my quirky style...
....nor my funky color lovin' heart.
Isn't it wonderful how you can use all the same
elements in different doses...
for such amazingly
polar opposite looks/styles?
Well, I'm happy I did.
This past year has been a whirlwind to say the least;
so having a calm and relaxing space to call
worth every drip of paint rendered.
What lovely redecorating have you found yourself up to?
All images courtesy of Annetta Bosokova.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Find Inspiration & Win $25.00 at Minted

 Hello + Hello
How are you my lovely friends?
Are your Valentines Day plans coming along beautifully?
I certainly hope so!
Speaking of
I have a happy little 
piece of information to share with you today.
Consider it a
pre-Valentines Day gift from me to you.
Have you had the chance to visit the stunning blog
written by the folks at
Oh....if not, you simply must!
It's filled with so much lovely content
that you'll be Pinning every picture to your favorites board!
by Rachael Smith
The blog is called
The sweet folks at Mintd contacted me asking if I'd be willing
to share about their blog and site.
I can tell you that these sorts of requests happen fairly often....
but I rarely take the time to follow through. ask?
Because simply this:
 I value you too much to
inundate you with a bunch of extra shtuff.
Well, yes please!
It truly is a quality site; a site worth sharing about!
I thought you'd like a big fat chance to win
a $25.00 shop credit to their
amazing site!
by Alethea & Ruth
There are so many options of items you can purchase there:
Wall Decor
Business Cards
Party Supplies
they carry just about anything paper you can think of!
I can't imagine not being able to find something
for $25.00
the problem might be trying to keep it to that??
Do you want to enter & win?
Just head on over to the
and give it a like!
Then make sure you leave a comment here about what you'd
like to buy from Minted.
Already "like" Minted on Facebook?
No worries,
just leave a comment here.
Maybe you could tell us about what you've purchased
recently from Minted.
*** PLEASE NOTE: ***
Contest runs through Wednesday February 19th, 6PM PST
at which time I will announce the winner soon thereafter.
You will need to watch for the winner announcement
here on the blog in order to claim the prize.
If you are the lucky winner who's chosen at random,
I will ask you to contact me via email to claim your prize.
by Kelli Hall
head on over to
for amazing
inspiration galore!
by Olivia Kanaley
head on over to
for a bit of
super fun shopping!

by sfgirlbybay; Victoria Smith
I think you will be very glad you did!
to like Minted on Facebook
then leave your comment here to be entered to win!
See you back here next week to find out if
the lucky winner!

**Sorry, this contest is now closed, please check back often for more
contests and prizes.**