Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Truly Summer with Gatherings Magazine!


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I'm so excited to stop in here after a more than adventurous trip across the United States to Atlanta, Georgia for a long buying trip to let you know that a special event occured whilst I was away....

Gatherings Magazine is now available, and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Some of you may have already had the chance to see the magazine....but while I was off taking care of business....all I could think of was: "Gosh, I wish I had a nice soft lounge chair by the side of a pool right now so I could sit down and enjoy a cool drink and a copy of Gatherings Magazine."

SO, I encourage you to hop on over to the Gatherings site and check out our Farwell Issue which is jam-packed with inspiration and beauty just for you this Summer!

Speaking of Summer, I hope yours is going well! Mine has been really great and I can't complain....other than it seems to be going too fast and I feel a little over busy....but hey...time flies when you're having fun right?!

Enjoy the magazine...and let me know what you think of my Market Report ok?


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