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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Inspired My Spring Market Report in Gatherings Magazine?

Hello + Hello!
I am so excited to announce the release of
This is by far the best issue yet!
The other contributors and I were all given creative license to be inspired by
whomever/whatever we wanted!
What great fun!
( Heather Spriggs Thompson is the best editor ever!)
Immediately I knew who I would be
inspired by...
my fellow contributor & friend
I think it's easy to see how talented she is
from this sweet watercolor print that she blessed me with
upon completing a lovely photo shoot at my home.
(You can get your own copy too, just find it on her blog side bar.)
I'm guessing you'll be able to see the correlation
between Annetta's piece nestled in my story board
my final market report
(arranged by none other than the uber talented
So, if you are a big fan of beauty...
love flowers, enjoy creating an inspirational home
well...anything in between?
head over to
and get your copy!
As a fun little perk for you my blog friends....
Simply enter code
at checkout
receive 10% off your issue!
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School...Ready or Not Here it Comes!

Hello + Hello!'s official for our household;
School starts in
Where has the Summer gone?
I'm always amazed by how quickly it simply flies by!
Every year it seems faster and faster.....and I'm not even a
all my teacher friends...
I pray you have had one fantastic Summer off.
Soon you will have a classroom filled with scads of busy little bodies.
I hope you found the rest you needed and much deserved.
You are an asset to your community
we appreciate you!
I'm sure there will be days where you wish the kids would stop fussing,
sit down & pay attention...
and that's where my new little sign comes in....
simply keep calm and teach on.
There will always be at least one child who is listening.
I'm constantly amazed by how often I think my kids are not listening to me,
so I'll ask them to repeat back to me what I've just said....
and to my amazement...
no matter how bad it gets,
no matter how much you may want to throw in the towel...
you ARE making a difference
in the lives of our children.
for all you do!
You're not a Teacher?
maybe you should show a little support to one you know.
Bring them a latte, or an apple pie & let them
know how much they mean to you!
Want to find a copy of this print to send along?
No problem,
it's available in my Etsy shop
in my brick and mortar shop
Lynden, Washington.
I'm off to get more school supplies....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Choose Happiness...Birds Do!

Hello + Hello!
How are you all doing today?
I hope very well!
Can you tell it's been starting to slowly change around your neck of the woods?
It seems that Summer is waning and Fall is fast approaching here.
Before I know it, school will be in full swing and the leaves will be hitting the ground.
I'm trying to embrace the time between the two seasons with
lush rich late summer color.
I recently produced a few more colors of my
"Today I'm going to be happier than a bird with a French fry"
Don't you love these bold colors?
I do.
 Each of these prints can be found in my Etsy shop
I even brought some into my brick and mortar shop
I hope you are enjoying this last bit of Summer
wherever you are....
that you can find invigorating charm in the stunning colors of
late Summer.
I also hope you can be as happy as a bird with a french fry...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boredom & Banners

 Hello + Hello!
It feels so nice to be up and about again.
Last we spoke,
I was getting ready to have an
I am happy to report,
that it went over smashingly well!!!
(enter impending doom music here)
I ended up getting a super nasty cold just afterwards.
I tried my best to keep up with the simplistic demands of life,
and no further.
 However, in my:
"I'm free, but have no energy"
I reworked my Etsy banners;
I'm still tweaking them a bit here and there....
but for the most part it's really nice to see a change.
Right now I'm really trying to reimagine my
Emptied of its contents, it's looking a little sad at the moment.
I am trying to figure out which way to turn with it.
I know what I want it to be...but it takes more than 'want' to make it that way.
And so it goes.
Honestly it's so easy for me to get bored with the way things look.
Are you this way?
Or, can you stick with something for awhile?
In some ways it's a blessing to always have change,
and in other ways it's a curse.
I've much to catch up on, so I'm off again into the wild blue yonder.
Creativity in one hand and a heart for change in the other!
I hope you are well my friends!
Happy New Week!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Items Now at Ollie Bollen on Etsy

Hello + Hello!
I just wanted to stop in and let you know I
spent a bit of time fluffing my
shop on Etsy
the other day.
I was on a roll adding more vintage pillowcases and sheeting!

Next however,
I'll begin adding new vintage goodies!
Stay tuned my friends....
good things are on their way!
Happy New Week!
(Don't forget your Valentine this week!!!)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Blues?

 Hello + Hello!
How are you my lovely friends?
Are you doing ok with Christmas being over?
I know that every year at this time I go through a bit of withdrawal....
I simply LOVE Christmas time
frankly it's kinda hard to let it go.
I have slowly been going around the house gathering up decorations
 to be stowed away for another year.
I have yet to take the tree just smells so sweet right now as it's finally
beginning to dry out.
Ohhhhh welllllll.
I will get it done sooner or later.
 Instead I decided to take a quick break from un-decorating to list a few new products online.
Above you see a beautiful new/vintage wallpaper that I'm
selling over on Etsy in my shop
I simply love the older graphics of vintage wallpaper and the hand blocking that was often used.
This powder blue beauty is so lovely for this time of the year....
I think this sweet treasury below is awesome as well: can find it here.
I hope you will get over the holiday blues with me.
I'm sure once I get the Christmas decorations stowed away...
I'll be fine again....after all, there is a New Year to begin!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hooked on Knitting Needles & Hairbrained Ideas

Hello + Hello!
to be able to get back to the things I love to do in my free time!!!
I feel as if I've been working at the shop SO MUCH lately
 that I could not spend any time in my new studio.
As much as I ADORE our shop....
it is often quite nice to get back to my studio space and truly
excercise my completely individual style.
This weekend I was able to do just that...excercise creatively!
I am excited to announce I have a few new creations now living in my
shop on Etsy today!
Welcome to my newest hairbrained idea:
retro knitting needles as wall hooks.
I mean really...why not???
I love them this way
(especially since I don't knit!)
Collecting knitting needles has been something I've done for what seems like ages!
I've always wanted to do something other than knit with them, so here is yet another
crazy idea spawned from my creativity starved mind.
Each little wall hook creation is like a tiny canvas of creativity
made from completely vintage,retro or salvaged goods.
How fun it was to design each piece from my stash of  fabrics and trims,
honestly how difficult it was to bend the needles, prep the lumber and install the hangers etc....
Even if they were a fair amount of work to complete....I enjoyed every minute of it!
If you are interested in purchasing one of these cuties for yourself,
just head to my shop
to get a closer look.
Hope this inspires you to get creative sooner....rather than later my friends.

Monday, November 5, 2012

.......Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd We're Back.

Hello + Hello!!
Hi again's been a few weeks since I last visited with you.....
I promise that there has been good reason.
I have been working non-stop for the last two weeks at our shop
helping to transform it into a veritable
Christmas Winter Wonderland!
The hours have been long, and the days numerous...but we are getting it under control now.
I hope to get back at blogging regularly again soon.
For now I felt like stopping in to share a new
vintage wallpaper which I listed over
in my shop Ollie Bollen on Etsy.
I thought it was awfully fun and retro-esque.
for now it is adieu once more....
I hope to be back sooner rather than later my friends.
I hope you are all well?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Hoopla Reworking the Swatch Wall!

 Hello + Hello!
I've done it...
It's been over a few years since I created my swatchwall of embroidery hoops.
Last time I revamped them, I removed all the red from the hoops.
That was nice...but now I've removed the pink!
I've not had the chance to go back and refill the empties.
I needed some inspiration!!
So off to Etsy I went.
That's where I created the treasury above.
See something you like?
You can find the link right over
Now that I have my inspiration...I'd better get to it!
So here it goes....the last you'll see of this swatch wall....
 ....hopefully I'll have the gumption to get the new wall done within a short time..
so you can see it soon!
Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Candy & Pumpkins & Costumes OH MY!

Hello + Hello!
It's that time of the year again....
...the time we all like to get a bit spooked out!
I don't generally decorate for Halloween.
It's not been a big deal to me to have scary decor.
I'm more of a cute vintage Halloween lover...
happy pumpkin faces & little ones dressed up as cats & pumpkins.
Personally I don't like it when folks let their kids dress up like
creepy creatures or mass murderers.
Call me old fashioned that way....
I don't mind having a time to get dressed up like your favorite character or hero.
My boys are known to have fun dressing up like:
knights, cowboys or robots.
We normally head to our Church's Harvest Carnival
& afterwards....
to close friends and family homes.
It's never been about the super creepy stuff for us
(although I love a good mystery and a bit of a scary ghost story from time to time.)
but more about dressing up, playing games and eating treats with friends!
My favorites as a child were watching
"The Great Pumpkin" - Charlie Brown
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" -Disney
I always loved Ichabod Crane's character and that silly horse!
Well, in honor of a wholesome Halloween...
I've made a fun sign listing all the things I'd like to experience
around this time of the year.
I hope you like it,
if you would like one for yourself, you can find them at my shop
or online at my Etsy shop
It also comes in ghostly black and white!
I hope your costume planning and party going is just as fun as can be!

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Side of Mustard With Your Autumn

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to drop in and say hi with a bit of happy color for your day!
I was SOOOOOO  excited to find this lovely vintage wallpaper recently.
It took me by storm how many folks seemed to like it on
Instagram as I said I had listed it in my
Etsy shop
The colors and pattern are so perfect for right now!
Not only is mustard a color of the moment, but for fall this would be great
in a frame, covering boxes or even wrapping a special wedding gift!
I have a few more yards for sale if it's something you desire.
Maybe I'll have to post a photo of what I did with the first yard off the roll
(which is inevitably tattered on vintage rolls because of handling and age).
Tomorrow....tomorrow.... I'll show you a little spruce up of my dining room ok?
I've felt like a seasonal shift for quite some time now...
and I finally had a hour or so the other day to myself to do it.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tinny Tin Tin!

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to stop in and share a little
shop update I just made.
I have so many MORE!
stay tuned for more tin uploads soon...
until then,
gotta run...
I'm on a painting rampage just now and need to finish a few things to bring into our shop

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Washi Tape: Ridiculously Easy DIY

 Hello + Hello!
As many of you know I've been redoing my studio office here at home over the summer.
One of the things any good designer/crafter/creative type person should have is...
You need a place to hang your
visual "thoughts" & inspirations.
I frankly have been trying to do this whole studio on a pretty tight budget.
I decided to use simple and inexpensive bulletin boards to accomplish this.
When I hung them up...
I mean really "lacked" any sort of personality whatsoever.
 ...I decided to pull in some
washi tape!
 I found the perfect color collection over on Etsy
I secretly loved that I could get an assortment of many different colors & patterns without having to purchase whole rolls of tape.
Seriously...who doesn't love those adorable little wooden spools?!?!
So, here's what I did:
I grabbed my trusty little sharp shears and went to work...
 Simply put,
I randomly selected spools and cut off bits and pieces of tape
and adhered them to the frame of the bulletin board.
It's that easy!
 I couldn't help but share this transformation with all of you...
Sometimes it's the simple things that matter the most.
I would reckon Washi Tape
( Japanese decorative paper tape)
to a cheap thrill.
You can easily reposition the tape if you get it crooked
(assuming there is some finish on the piece you're sticking it to)
as it's a bit like a Post-It note
(but stronger).
I know this wasn't a very technical DIY...
but really?
Isn't it nice to find a simple tip from tme to time?
If you havn't invested in washi tape for yourself...
just head to
Pinterest and search for
Washi Tape DIY...
you'll see just how wonderful this stuff is to work with!
Have fun!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Wallpaper Cubby Shelf DIY Tutorial

Hello + Hello!
I had a little too much fun this past weekend
working with a thrifted cubby shelf I found recently.
Some of you may know that I sell vintage wallpapers in two of my Etsy shops:
Sometimes when I'm working with these beauties
I end up with tiny scraps.
These scraps somehow find their way into a scrap bin
(of which I've recently become very aware of it's fullness)
and I try to do something famously cute with them.
I had honestly thought of selling this little cubby shelf...
after much thought...
I believe I'll keep it just for me!
I will however,
be searching the world over for more of these sweet little cubbies
in the hopes of using more delicious little
paper scraps!
Want a simple tutorial?
Find and clean a painted cubby shelf.
Accumulate scraps of paper.
(preferably wallpaper as it holds up to decoupage well)
Procure a bottle of Matte Mod Pod & water it down a bit,
Mix your own with one part white interior glue to one part water
( It will appear too watery...but no will work perfectly!)
Measure your cubbies
cut paper scrap accordingly.
Working one cubby at a time use a paint brush to "paint" glue onto back of shelf.
Adhere paper & immediately "paint" another layer of glue onto paper,
whilst smoothing out bubbles.
Check a few times for developing bubbles in paper, and smooth out.
Let dry until paper no longer appears wet/dark.
Enjoy your new wall decor!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Camp Inspired: Ojo de Dios, Homespun Style!

 You may or may not remember that I was blessed enough
 to take off of work this past summer to do
"Day Camp" at our Church with my boys.
We had a "Western" theme, and I was a Second Grade Teacher.
I enjoyed making
"Ojo de Dios or Eyes of God"
with the children.
My boys
(who were in First and Third grade classes)
also got to make them.
It was pretty difficult at first to figure out how to make them with
popsicle sticks and a small ball of yarn...
....pretty soon we all got the hang of it.
 I was so inspired by the process of making them,
that I got home and couldn't stop!
Of course in order to make them
extra special & more appealing to a grown up audience
(who of course have a child-like heart for decor just like mine)
I decided to get out the vintage supplies and go to it!
 My God's Eyes or Ojo de Dios wall hangings
are made with total vintage thrifted and homespun style.
I started with vintage knitting needles and added
retro thrifted granny chic style sheeting & second hand yarn bits.
 Figuring out how to get the fabric to lay "just so" was more difficult than one might imagine...
but so worth the end result.
I decided to list these beauties in my shop
 What about you?
Do you remember working with popsicle sticks and yarn during a
Summer Camp experience?
I have to say...they are really fun
(albeit time consuming)
to make.
I don't knit, crochet, or stitch myself...
but I do thrift!
I believe in using the things I thrift to make something fresh and new.
Hopefully someone will find an interest in these
joyful creations
the way that I do.
Happy September my friends!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thrifty Little Etsy Details

 Sometimes it's the littlest details that get missed...and when they do,
things just seem to fall apart.
I've been missing alot of little details as life seems to be getting busier and busier.
I had to slow myself down the other day to stop and enjoy the details.
without much ado...
here are the details from some of the work I recently did for my shops
on Etsy:

Taking time to work in all the details of life is so important.
I like to see the big picture....but details make all the difference!
Here's to celebrating the details of life...without getting too hung up on them.
I realize this all seems like an oxy-moron...but knowing
where the line needs to be drawn takes practice...
What a challenge.